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Mindfulness And Transcendental Meditation: Why These Practices Are Having A Moment

Meditation practices like mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation are increasingly popular in the US right now with schools and businesses getting on board. How these practices work, their Asian roots, and what science tells us about expanded states of consciousness.


Supreme Court Sends Obamacare Contraception Case Back To Lower Courts

The Supreme Court Monday punted on the constitutional merits of a religious freedom challenge to the Affordable Care Act. The court said it was feasible to satisfy religious groups and women seeking contraception and sent the case back to the lower courts.

Many Evangelicals Are In 'An Awkward Place' With Trump Atop GOP

Donald Trump's popularity with self-described evangelical Christians fades among those who attend church regularly. "The true evangelical," says an Iowa pastor, is in "a quandary, a dilemma."

With Interfaith Sunday Schools, Parents Don't Have To Choose One Religion

Interfaith marriage is on the rise, putting parents in a tough spot to choose one religion to pass to their kids. Rami Ayyub reports on a Maryland Sunday school that says it's possible to have both.

State Religious Freedom Laws Surface In Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage

In the year since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, dozens of religious freedom bills have been filed in state legislatures around the country. The proposals are not meant to limit the court ruling, but rather to protect those who say their religious beliefs do not allow them to work with same-sex couples.

Pope Francis Says He's Open To Studying Whether Women Can Be Deacons

The pontiff says he is willing to create a commission on the issue. It could signal a turning point for the Roman Catholic Church, which does not allow women to serve in ordained ministry.

Michigan Bank Discovers The Need For Islamic Finance Products

Some interpretations of Islam outlaw charging interest. That makes most banking pretty hard, but there are ways to practice Islamic compliant finance. One bank in Michigan gave it a go.

Acceptance Grows, Slowly But Steadily, For Gay Evangelicals

Growing up, gay evangelicals may have thought they had to be one or the other. It's different now. At one welcoming Baptist church in Kentucky, a member says, gay congregants "walk through the door."

Obama Gets All In His Blackness At Howard

Some applauded the president's speech at the historic black university as a break from "respectability politics" that demean African-Americans. Other saw it as more of the same.


As U.S. Attitudes Change, Some Evangelicals Dig In; Others Adapt

America's culture war is being fought inside evangelical Christian circles. Some are resisting secular society's trends that conflict with biblical teaching. Others have found a way to live with them.