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It's Nepal's Biggest Holiday And Goats Are Not Happy About It

The festival of Dashain brings thousands of goats to Kathmandu — for dinner, sacrificed to honor a Hindu goddess. Despite current unrest and post-earthquake trauma, the holiday will go on.

Eritrean Dies After Israeli Security Mistakes Him For Assailant In Bus Station Attack

With tensions rising over Arab attacks on Israeli Jews, an Eritrean asylum seeker was mistaken for an assailant and killed — shot by a security guard and beaten by a mob.

Kerry On Holy Site In Jerusalem: 'We're Not Seeking Outsiders Or Others To Come In'

Kerry appeared to push back against a French proposal calling for an international presence at the holy site in order to preserve the status quo agreement. Israel is against the proposal.

With Song And Celebration, Mosque Chips Away At Sunni-Shiite Divide

Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been in conflict for centuries. But a mosque in the Bay Area is trying to break down those walls. With music, open mic nights and open arms, they've found common ground.

With Violent Clashes On The Rise, Israel Builds Wall In East Jerusalem

News of the wall being erected comes a day after Israeli officials say five stabbings or attempted stabbings of Israelis by Palestinians assailants took place on Saturday.

Despite Mass. Court Decision, Parishioners Vow Vigil Will Continue

Parishioners in Scituate, Mass. began occupying their Catholic church 24 hours a day after the Boston archdiocese announced it would be closed. An appeals court ruled this week they're trespassing.
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John Danforth: "The Relevance of Religion: How Faithful People Can Change Politics"

The former United States senator and ambassador to the United Nations is also an Episcopal priest. He argues in a new book that religion can act as a bridge in an era of bitterly divisive politics.


2 Brothers Beaten, 1 Killed, Allegedly By Their Parents And Fellow Churchgoers

New Hartford, N.Y., police say Bruce and Deborah Leonard are among those who fatally beat the Leonards' son, age 19, inside the Word of Life Church. Another son, 17, is in the hospital.

Israel Steps Up Security Amid Increasing Violence In Jerusalem

Israel is increasing security measures amid ongoing violence, bringing objections from human rights activists and Palestinians.

'No One Wants' This Level Of Violence In Jerusalem, Rabbi Says

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Rabbi Uri Ayalon, a social activist who lives not too far from the bus attack in Jerusalem Tuesday. He says most of the Palestinian population is not violent.