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Mormon Church Excommunicates Advocate For Female Priests

An all-male panel has convicted Kate Kelly, a founder of Ordain Women, of apostasy and canceled her church membership.

In Trial, Movement To Ordain Mormon Women Approaches Defining Moment

Activists are now asking Mormon church leaders to reconsider a policy that allows only men to be ordained. One Mormon woman has just been expelled from the church for her activism.

Christian Woman Escapes Death In Sudan Over Conversion

Meriam Ibrahim, 27, says she was raised an Orthodox Christian after being born to a Muslim father. A court ordered her release Monday, throwing out a death sentence.
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Transgender Priest Makes History With Service At National Cathedral

On Sunday, services at the Washington National Cathedral were conducted by a transgender priest — a first for the cathedral.


Revelers Greet The Midsummer Sunrise At Stonehenge

New-agers, pagans and modern-day Druids began the longest day of the year with songs, dance and yoga at the ancient stones on Salisbury Plain.

Baptist Preacher: Compel Congregants, Don't 'Guilt' Them

Pastor Amy Butler will take the helm of New York City's progressive Riverside Church later this year. She discusses her desire to become a faith leader and explains her vision.

Largest U.S. Presbyterian Denomination OKs Marrying Gay Couples

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has voted to change its definition of marriage to "two people" and allow its pastors to officiate at same-sex weddings in states where such marriages are legal.

As More Latinos Drop Religion, Should GOP Be Extra Worried?

The percentage of Hispanics who aren't affiliated with a particular religion is ticking upward. This demographic tends to be more socially liberal, too, which may have political consequences.
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The Mysterious Past And Uncertain Future Of D.C.'s Only Known Synagogue Mural

Inside a D.C. home slated for redevelopment this summer, you can find the city's only known synagogue mural.
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Moving The Synagogue Again: A New Museum For D.C.'s Jewish Community (Rebroadcast)

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is planning a new museum that will bring the story of Washington's Jewish community to life.