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Largest Group Of U.S. Presbyterian Churches Allows Same-Sex Marriages

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which includes more than 4,000 ministers and 1.8 million members, will let individual churches decide whether to perform gay marriage ceremonies.

Tea Tuesdays: South America Runs On Yerba Mate

Legend has it the moon gifted this drink to the Guaraní people of South America. It was banned by the colonial government. The Jesuits made it their most profitable crop. Oh, and the pope drinks it.

After Attacks, Is Europe Still Safe For Jews?

Jews have been feeling increasingly vulnerable, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg says. In an article for The Atlantic, he wonders whether anti-Semitic attacks mean Europe is no longer safe for Jews.

Pope Francis' Financial Reforms Rattle Vatican's Old Guard

As the second anniversary of his papacy nears, Pope Francis has made significant progress in bringing transparency to the Vatican's finances and Cardinal George Pell is carrying out sweeping reforms.

Pope Francis Very Popular Among Both U.S. Catholics, Non-Catholics

Pope Francis has maintained high approval ratings even as the Catholic Church struggles with declining membership and the effects of the sexual abuse scandal.

Pope Francis Says His Tenure At The Vatican Will Be Short

Pope Francis also said he misses the relative anonymity he had as a bishop — and that he'd like to sneak out for a pizza, unrecognized.

Southern Baptist Leaders Highlight Benefits Of Youthful Matrimony

The Southern Baptist Convention is quietly nudging its 16 million members to tie the knot at a younger age. Baptist leaders say that marriage should be considered a foundation of adult life.

Supreme Court Revives Notre Dame's Appeal In Contraception Case

Last February, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago backed a lower court's ruling that dismissed Notre Dame's challenge. That decision was vacated Monday.

Vatican Says Ransom Sought For Missing Michelangelo Letters

In a development reminiscent of a Dan Brown thriller, the Vatican confirmed a report that it has received a ransom demand for the return of two stolen letters written by the renaissance master Michelangelo. It's the first time the theft has been revealed. A spokesman said the Vatican refused to pay.

Dresden Anti-Immigration Protests Cause Tension In Muslim Community

The German city of Dresden was at the center of large anti-immigration protests for months. Members of the city's Muslim community live with the tension caused by the protests.