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An Army Chaplain, First Tested By War, Finds His Faith Renewed

When David Peters went to Iraq as an Army chaplain, his relationship with God faltered. But after years of feeling adrift, he eventually found that the trauma of war had actually deepened his faith.

Yoga, Petting Puppies, Halloween: Banned By Malaysia's Muslim Clerics

The clerics are delivering a growing number of fatwas against what they see as insidious dangers. Liberal Muslims are annoyed by what they say is moral micromanaging.

Pope Francis Announces 20 New Cardinals

The 20 new cardinals come from 18 different countries, including several from Asia, Africa and Oceania. Steve Inskeep talks to Vatican-watcher John Allen, a correspondent for The Boston Globe.

Pope Announces 20 New Cardinals, With Homelands From Myanmar To Mexico

Some of the prelates come from countries that have never before been represented at such a high level in the Catholic Church — including Tonga and Cape Verde.

Attracted To Men, Pastor Feels Called To Marriage With A Woman

Allan Edwards is attracted to men, but his faith conflicts with homosexuality, so he doesn't act on it or identify as gay. Instead, he's married, starting a family and staying true to his beliefs.

How Ebola Took A Toll On One American Church

Congregants at Trinity Episcopal Church come from many countries, including in West Africa. No one had visited the virus-stricken nations, yet fearful worshippers began skipping services.

From Pulpit To Politics: A Pastor Takes Her Work To The Wider World

Faith Whitmore says being a Methodist pastor was like running a small business. After 30 years of preaching, she was tired. Now she works on a larger platform as district director for a congressman.

A 40-Day Vegan Fast, Then, At Last, A January Christmas Feast

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church observes Christmas on Jan. 7, and the 40 days prior are observed as a vegan fast. That means no dairy and no meat until the traditional dish of doro wat on Christmas Day.

Flood Damage Repaired, Aging Congregation Still Faces Challenges

Chapel of the Interlude in Drake, Colo., was damaged in 2013 when a flood brought mud, sticks and other debris into the building. So the aging congregation came together and restored their oasis.

Book Review: 'Waking Up: A Guide To Spirituality Without Religion'

Astrophysicist Adam Frank reviews Sam Harris' Book, Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion.