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For A Business Built 'On Bended Knee,' Hobby Lobby Ruling Is A Boon

Christian businessmen and women react to the Supreme Court's recent decision on contraception coverage, exploring the role of religion in business life from an evangelical point of view.

Pope Meets Sex Abuse Victims, Bearing A Plea For Forgiveness

In his first meeting with victims of clerical sex abuse, Pope Francis asked forgiveness on behalf of the church.

Meeting Abuse Victims, Pope Francis Begs Forgiveness

The pope holds his first official meetings with victims of sexual abuse, saying that the priests who hurt them behaved like "a sacrilegious cult."

Pope Francis To Meet With Victims Of Clerical Sex Abuse

The pontiff will meet with six survivors Monday. Correspondent Sylvia Poggioli tells NPR's Linda Wertheimer the pope has been criticized for being slow to address the issue of sex abuse by priests.

UK Government Minister: Religious Difference Is A Strength For The Country

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the UK's first Minister of State for Faith and Communities, has a lot on her plate. She tells host Michel Martin about balancing the tightrope between church and state.

High Court Temporarily Suspends Contraception Mandate For Christian College

The order, which doesn't affect the court's ultimate opinion, drew a scathing dissent from the court's three women.

Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling Yields Polarized Debate

Debate involving religion and contraception was ignited by the ruling. Steve Inskeep discusses the court's case with Thomas Berg, a professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law.

Honolulu Police Chief's Ban On Visible Tattoos Sparks Criticism

Native Hawaiians on the police force have criticized the ban. Many say tattoos are part of their cultural heritage and should remain in plain sight.

European Court Upholds France's Burqa Ban

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that France's ban on face-covering veils was legitimate, and did not violate a Muslim woman's freedoms.

Sunni Muslims Declare New Caliphate, Is It For Real?

The Muslim Caliphate has not existed since the 13th century. Renee Montagne talks to historian Juan Cole, who believes this is a grandiose claim that history shows is doomed for failure.