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More Than 1,000 Mormons Resign From The LDS Church In Protest

The church's policies on families of same-sex couples has engendered heated criticism.

After Paris Killings, Focus Returns To Muslim Communities In France

The relationship between Muslims living in France and their adopted homeland has long been a complicated one. Professor Jonathan Laurence of Boston College has studied that relationship and joins us to explain.

For Openly Gay Mormons, Church's New LGBT Policy Has Big Implications

NPR's Michel Martin talks with an openly gay Mormon and NPR's religion reporter about the implications of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' ban on same-sex households.

After The Attacks, Activist Reminds: French Muslims Have Been Hurt, Too

Social activist Rokhaya Diallo says that French Muslims shouldn't be expected to answer for the violence in Paris because of their religion — and that they have felt the pain of the attacks, as well.

Barred From Baptism, Mormon Kids Of Same-Sex Couples Face A Fraught Choice

The Mormon church recently made a policy preventing children of same-sex couples from getting baptized. The move has exposed a rift among Mormons — and made for some difficult decisions.

Dating App Helps Muslim Millennials Find Love, Parents Not Included

More than 6,000 people have signed up for Ishqr since the app launched over a year ago. Ishq is an Arabic word for love; the "r" at the end was added to make it sound more hip.
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Why The Fight Over A Bike Lane In Shaw Isn't About Biking

To cycling advocates, and to the District Department of Transportation, bike lanes are about safety — just the same as a crosswalk or stop sign. But in D.C.'s Shaw neighborhood, a proposed bike lane is sparking heated debates about race, economics and displacement.


Your Questions On Period Huts, Child Brides, Girls' Soccer — Answered

You read the stories in our #15Girls series and posed some really good questions. (Wish we'd thought of them first.) Here are answers from our correspondents.

In Conservative Town, Faith-Based Group Tackles Minimum Wage Hike

Texas has no state-mandated minimum wage and forbids cities or counties to pass their own. But a group of religious activists in San Antonio is making headway on a living wage for city employees.

Boston Clergy Sex Abuse Under 'Spotlight' Anew

Boston Globe reporter Sacha Pfeiffer was part of the investigative team that uncovered the massive scandal involving sexual abuse by Catholic priests. She speaks with NPR's Audie Cornish about their story, which is now told in the feature film Spotlight.