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Jewish, Muslim Passover Celebration Unites Religions

Passover is an ancient Jewish holiday, but an interfaith event in Northern Virginia is putting a modern spin on the traditional Seder.

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Interfaith Passover Celebration In VA To Be Held In Mosque

A unique Passover celebration in Northern Virginia brings different religious groups together to celebrate freedom, honor tradition and most importantly, promote unity.

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Police Guard Synagogue Following Vandalism

State police were assigned to stand guard outside a synagogue in Potomac, Md. this week following an act of vandalism to the building. But as members of the congregation will tell you, a police presence here is more the rule than the exception.

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Congress Urged To Approve Jewish Chaplains Memorial

As Jewish Americans across the country observe Passover, dozens of Jewish-American organizations are urging Congress to correct an oversight at the nation's most hallowed ground: Arlington National Cemetery.

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MoCo Synagogue Vandalized On Eve Of Passover

As police in Montgomery County, Md., search for the vandals responsible for the damage to a synagogue in Potomac, some temple members and business owners are considering its connection to the start of Passover.

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African-American Church Leaders Form Response To HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Some of the most respected African-American church leaders in Maryland and the District are coming together to craft a unified response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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American Muslims Jumpstart 'Muslims for Loyalty' Campaign

Members of the American-Muslim community want to change the way they're sometimes perceived in the United States. They're taking action with the "Muslims for loyalty" campaign.