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Contraception Provision Sets Off Firestorm

The Obama administration reaffirmed its position that certain religious institutions have to provide health coverage that offers free contraception. U.S. Catholic bishops are vowing to fight this rule in Congress, in courts, and in churches. Host Michel Martin speaks with Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times.

Obama Draws On Faith At Prayer Breakfast

President Obama spoke to a bipartisan crowd at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday and cited the biblical injunction to speak up for those who are destitute.
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People's Prayer Breakfast Speaks To Social Justice

The National Prayer Breakfast is a D.C. institution, catering to the country's elite. A People's Prayer Breakfast was also held this morning -- a more humble gathering united behind the message of social justice.


Catholic Bishops Revolt Against Birth Control Rules

There's a battle going on between U.S. Catholic bishops and the Obama administration over its recent directive requiring religious institutions to offer coverage for contraception in their health care plans. Some have announced they will not comply with the mandate. Others are calling on parishioners to "defend the faith" and speak out against what they call an intrusion against religious liberty.

'Obedient Wives Club' Irks Some Muslims In Malaysia

In Muslim-majority Malaysia, religious authorities recently broke up a meeting of a controversial religious group. The group is observing the Prophet Muhammad's birthday with a campaign to promote what it describes as an "Islamic sex life," based on polygamy and the obedience of wives to their husbands. The group's critics are not sure whether it's a joke to be dismissed or a threat to be eliminated.