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MoCo Synagogue Vandalized On Eve Of Passover

As police in Montgomery County, Md., search for the vandals responsible for the damage to a synagogue in Potomac, some temple members and business owners are considering its connection to the start of Passover.

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African-American Church Leaders Form Response To HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Some of the most respected African-American church leaders in Maryland and the District are coming together to craft a unified response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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American Muslims Jumpstart 'Muslims for Loyalty' Campaign

Members of the American-Muslim community want to change the way they're sometimes perceived in the United States. They're taking action with the "Muslims for loyalty" campaign.

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Muslim Community Says Hearings Structured Unfairly

Representative Peter King's Homeland Security hearings on radicalization are drawing intense reactions from some members of the Muslim community in the D.C. area. Some say these hearings overlook one, very important fact.

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Muslim Americans React To 'Radicalization Hearings'

A House hearing Thursday called by New York Rep. Peter King is stirring an emotional debate about the radicalization of American Muslims.

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Stage Play Examines Lesbian Child Custody Case

Dozens of plays are performed every week in the Washington Metro area. But this week one stands out for not just the timeliness of the subject matter but also where it's being performed.