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The Sikh Religion, Through The Camera Lens

The 8th Annual Sikh International Film Festival is a two-day event that aims to raise awareness about the Sikh faith and community. Despite tens of thousands of adherents living in the U.S., Americans know very little about the faith, and often associate Sikhs with Muslims. Michel Martin speaks with film festival chair Paul Johar.

Despite Divide, Evangelicals Could Support A Mormon

By calling Mormonism a "cult," an evangelical pastor recently sparked a bitter debate over religious prejudice and traditional doctrine. But while many evangelicals don't believe that Mormonism is Christian, they say they share conservative social values and would stand behind a Mormon — such as Mitt Romney — for president.

A Look At Mormons And The GOP

Guy Raz talks to Quin Monson, associate political science professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, about what it means to be both Mormon and Republican.

Taking The Reins Of Billy Graham's Legacy

Billy Graham has been dubbed the "Pope of Protestant America." He's prayed with every U.S. president since Harry Truman and has had tremendous influence on American life. But now in his 90s, Graham is living a quieter, less-active life. One preacher emerging to carry on his legacy is his daughter, Anne Graham Lotz. She talks to Guy Raz about the resistance she witnessed from many corners, including from her famous father, to a woman stepping out of the traditional role to preach the gospel.

In Egypt, Grief Among Christians Turns To Rage

In Cairo, the Coptic Christian community buried its dead Monday after violent clashes between protesters and Egyptian soldiers killed 25. The protesters were demanding the country's military rulers protect them from attacks by radical Muslims. Now, Christian mourners are lashing out at those rulers.

Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll At Values Voter Summit

The Texas congressman took 37 percent of the vote of social conservatives, easily beating front-runners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Businessman Herman Cain came in second in the test vote for the Republican nomination.