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European Court Takes Up Crucifixes As Jewelry

Two British women believe they have the right to wear a cross in the workplace. Both were fired after refusing to remove the necklaces. Their employers state the jewelry does not comply with uniform policy, and that wearing a cross is not a requirement of Christians. Lucy Kellaway, a columnist for the Financial Times in London, talks to Renee Montagne about the case.

Schuller Family Breaks Away From Crystal Cathedral

On Saturday, Robert Schuller; his wife, Arvella; and daughter Carol said they were resigning from the board of the church he founded because of the "adversarial and negative attitude of other board members." A day later, their daughter Sheila Schuller Coleman announced she was looking for another place to preach.

Priest 'Placed On Leave' After Denying Communion To Lesbian

The priest who denied communion to a lesbian at the funeral of the woman's mother is 'placed on leave' by the archdiocese.
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Gaithersburg Priest Placed On Leave For Intimidating Behavior

A Gaithersburg Catholic priest has been placed on leave, after he reportedly denied communion to a lesbian at her mother's funeral.

Black Leader For Southern Baptist Convention?

Pastor Fred Luter has led the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, the largest Southern Baptist church in New Orleans, for 25 years. He recently announced that he is seeking to become the first African-American president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Ethnic Mapping: Prophylactic Or Offensive?

After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, some law enforcement agencies adapted crime mapping tactics into what is known as ethnic mapping. Some Muslims welcome ethnic mapping as a useful approach to preventing terrorism. Others say the surveillance amounts to domestic spying and racial profiling.