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Victims' Advocates Push For Some Cardinals To Be Barred From Papal Conclave

Alleging that the cardinals either ignored or covered up cases of sexual abuse involving priests, the groups are pushing to keep those cardinals from being part of the deliberations. The cardinals have either not commented or denied wrongdoing.

At The Vatican, 'No Rush' To Set Conclave; And A Fake Bishop Tries To Get In

Roman Catholic cardinals are in Rome and are discussing when to begin their formal deliberations on a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. On Monday, a German man pretending to be a bishop tried to get into one of their meetings. The Swiss Guards led him away.

Catholic Cardinals Meet To Prepare For Election Of New Pope

Roman Catholic cardinals gathered Monday to plan how they will select the successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

The Papal Conclave And The Future Of The Catholic Church

More than 100 Cardinals from around the world started meeting Monday at the Vatican to begin the process of choosing a new pope. This comes after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The Cardinals are tasked with choosing the man who could reshape the future of the Catholic Church.

Prayers, Oaths Of Secrecy As Catholic Cardinals Meet

The College of Cardinals must first decide on a date for the start of the conclave at which the new pope will be elected. It's likely they'll decide to start sometime next week. Pope Benedict XVI officially stepped down last Thursday.

Cardinals At Odds Over When To Begin Choosing Next Pope

The College of Cardinals is holding its first official meetings Monday at the Vatican. Some want the conclave to start as soon as possible; others want time to get to know each other. The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has posed challenges for the cardinals as they set out to choose the next pope.

Anxiety Befalls Vatican As Cardinals Gather

Cardinals from all over the world are gathering at the Vatican, as they take their first steps toward electing a new pope. They'll meet Monday for their first official meeting since Pope Benedict stepped down last week. Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Sylvia Poggioli.