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Evangelicals Key To Republican Support For Israel

Republican support for Israel is rooted in the evangelical Christian wing of the party, which cites biblical imperatives as the basis for its advocacy on behalf of the Jewish state.

Learning — And Unlearning — To Be An 'Ambassador' For Islam

Since she was a little girl, Beenish Ahmed has felt called on to represent all Muslims in an often Islamophobic country. But how?

State Department Declares ISIS Attacks On Christians Constitute Genocide

The State Department says ISIS has committed "genocide" against Christians in Syria and Iraq, but the declaration may add up to more in U.S. domestic politics than in new action against the militants.

Feast Like It's 399: What Would St. Patrick Eat?

The patron saint of Ireland was born to high status in Britain, then stolen away by pirates as a teen. It's a life story with plenty of fodder to cook up an unexpected, historically inspired menu.

Franciscan Leaders Charged With Protecting Friar They Knew Had Molested Children

Three retired leaders of the Franciscan religious order have been charged with with conspiracy and child endangerment for allowing a friar who was a known sexual predator to work in schools.
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New Efforts To Extend Statutes Of Limitations For Sexual Crimes

To help rape victims seek justice, some states are changing laws to allow prosecution decades later. But criminal defense attorneys say this will lead to the conviction of innocent people. Diane Rehm talks with a panel of guests about the debate over extending statutes of limitations for sexual assault.


Pope Francis Sets Canonization Date For Mother Teresa: Sept. 4

In addition to Mother Teresa, four other Catholic figures — who lived in Argentina, Mexico, Sweden and Poland — will become saints this year.

GOP Mystery: Why Do Many Evangelicals Back Donald Trump?

Many election observers struggle to understand why evangelical Christians have embraced Trump. Renee Montagne talks to Ralph Reed, founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, tells Renee Montagne.

Fighting Extremism With Knowledge: Learning The Lessons Of Muhammad

Many Muslims say radicals who cite the Prophet Muhammad to justify violence misrepresent his teachings. To combat ISIS, they say, means strengthening the faithful's understanding of Islam's founder.

New Set Of TV Shows Tackle Complexities Of Religion

NPR reviews the set of new TV shows that all have religious faith as a central theme. Just how does TV deal with that in 2016? The shows are Of Kings and Prophets and The Real O'Neals on ABC, The Path on Hulu and The Passion on Fox.