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Vatican Hires Fox News Reporter To Advise Media Office

Seeking to modernize and widen its dealings with the media, The Vatican has hired Fox News' Rome correspondent to advise its press office. The move will put journalist Greg Burke, who is also a member of Opus Dei, into a new role working with Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

Religious Violence Shakes Up Northern Nigeria

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan fired his defense minister and national security adviser, saying the government needs new tactics to counter the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram. They have been blamed for sparking strife in parts of northern Nigeria last week. Host Michel Martin speaks with Al Jazeera English's Yvonne Ndege.

In Alaskan Cemetery, Native And Orthodox Rites Mix

In a part of America that was once claimed by imperial Russia, a unique combination of Native American and Russian Orthodox influences mingle in a graveyard. There, spirit houses are built to house the dead and ease their passage.

A Century-Old Grotto That Might Out-Glitter Vegas

The Midwest is home to the largest collection of grottoes, or man-made caves, in the world. And the mother of them all — encrusted in $6 million worth of semiprecious stones — is in West Bend, Iowa, the life's work of a priest after he survived pneumonia. It turns 100 this weekend.

A Fight To The Finish For Tennessee Mosque

The first minarets in Murfreesboro, Tenn., are about to be placed atop a new mosque. But when construction is done, no one will be able to move in — the latest development in a two-year legal fight over whether adequate notice was given for a public meeting that approved the mosque's construction.

Bishops Launch 2-Week Campaign Against Health Law

The effort, dubbed "Fortnight for Freedom," will involve praying, fasting and rallies against what the Catholic bishops call an assault on religious freedom by the Obama administration. But parishioners worry that the movement is splitting the church.