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Millennials 'Talk To God,' But Fewer Rely On Religion, Survey Finds

The new Carnegie Mellon study found that 62 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds report talking to God, but just 52 percent said they turned to religion for guidance.

Pope Francis Asks Abuse Victims' Forgiveness

In what are being described as his strongest comments so far about the church's sex abuse crisis, the pope also condemned the evil deeds of some priests.
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On the Coast: Presbyterian Church Keeps The Faith For 300 Years

Rehoboth Presbyterian Church was founded on the banks of the Pocomoke River in 1706, and calls itself the oldest Presbyterian church in America.


'Gospel Of Jesus's Wife' Papyrus Not A Forgery, Harvard Says

The tiny fragment, written in Egyptian Coptic, contains a purported reference by Jesus to his wife. New evidence dates it to between the sixth and ninth centuries.
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Moving The Synagogue... Again: A New Museum For D.C.'s Jewish Community

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is planning a new museum that will bring the story of Washington's Jewish community to life.


Why People Exaggerate Religious Behavior

Social scientists have learned you can't always believe what people tell you. An analysis of 3 places in the Muslim world examines whether peoples' reports of religious behavior match what they do.

Banning Traditional Animal Slaughter, Denmark Stokes Religous Ire

The country's move to require animals to be stunned before being killed is seen by some as an affront to religious methods of slaughter. But now Jews and Muslims are working together to protest it.

Embracing Atheism After A Wild Journey To Find God

Author Barbara Ehrenreich is known for her work on poverty and other social issues. But her latest book, Living with a Wild God, reveals how she became an atheist.

Why Physicists Are In A Film Promoting An Earth-Centered Universe

Scientist Lawrence Krauss says clips of him were "mined" to lend credibility to The Principle, a film he describes as "stupid" and "unbelievable."

A Nonbeliever Tries To Make Sense Of The Visions She Had As A Teen

Barbara Ehrenreich — a rationalist, atheist and scientist by training — has written a new memoir called Living With a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search for the Truth about Everything.