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Vatican Says Ransom Sought For Missing Michelangelo Letters

In a development reminiscent of a Dan Brown thriller, the Vatican confirmed a report that it has received a ransom demand for the return of two stolen letters written by the renaissance master Michelangelo. It's the first time the theft has been revealed. A spokesman said the Vatican refused to pay.

Dresden Anti-Immigration Protests Cause Tension In Muslim Community

The German city of Dresden was at the center of large anti-immigration protests for months. Members of the city's Muslim community live with the tension caused by the protests.

Will Greece's New Government Help The Muslim Minority Integrate?

For decades, Muslims in northeastern Greece were cut off from the rest of the country. Mainstream politicians backed by the Greek Orthodox church ignored them.

Highest-Ranking Muslim German Official Says Terrorist Attacks Bolster Discrimination

Aydan Özoguz, Germany's federal commissioner for migration and refugees, is the highest-ranking Muslim in the German government. She says she is frustrated by the way terrorist incidents drive wedges between different groups in Germany.

Kurdish-German Journalist Makes Light Of Hate Mail In Spoken Word Act

NPR's Audie Cornish meets journalist Mely Kiyak, a German-born daughter of Kurds from Turkey. In her spoken word performance, she stages readings of hate mail directed at people of foreign origins.

Cardinal Egan, Ex-Archbishop Of New York, Dies

The cause was cardiac arrest, the Archdiocese of New York said in a statement. Cardinal Edward Egan was 82.

French Law 'Laicite' Restricts Muslim Religious Expression

NPR's Audie Cornish is in France, which has Europe's largest Muslim population. France is a secular country, and it has a law called "laicite," which maintains a strict separation of church and state.

In France, Young Muslims Often Straddle Two Worlds

An estimated 40 percent of France's 7 million Muslims live in and around Paris, many of them in the poor suburbs. It's hard to escape the banlieues, even for those who work or attend school elsewhere.

Debate About French Muslim Identity Plays Out In Hip-Hop

As part of our stories about Muslims in Western Europe, commentator Hisham Aidi, author of the book Rebel Music, talks about how music factors into the cultural differences between French Muslims.

In English Town, Muslims Lead Effort To Create Interfaith Haven

A disused church in the northern English town of Bolton has been transformed into a community center where all are welcome. It's the product of years of effort and difficult discussions.