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Ukrainian Jews Celebrate Passover In Uncertain Times

The holiday has a powerful message this year for Jews in Ukraine, who have found liberation from what they saw as a corrupt government. But with violence in the East, their story is still unfolding.
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Contemporary Religion on Capitol Hill

The interdenominational National Community Church serves a range residents in and around D.C., including Hill staffers and the homeless. We talk with lead pastor and founder Mark Batterson about the growth of the faith community.


Pope Francis Poses For Selfies With Crowd At St. Peter's

After speaking to a large Palm Sunday crowd, Pope Francis moved through the audience in his popemobile — and then got out of the vehicle to greet the faithful and pose for photos.

Statue Of A Homeless Jesus Startles A Wealthy Community

The bronze sculpture depicting Jesus huddled under a blanket on a park bench has provoked praise and complaints — and a call to the police — in its new North Carolina neighborhood.

A Love Letter To Matzo: Why The Holey Cracker Is A Crunch Above

Plain, dry matzo tends to have a reputation for tastelessness. But Dan Pashman, host of the food podcast and blog The Sporkful, argues that the crunchy cracker is a culinary marvel.

Pray Or Prey? Cameroon's Pentecostal Churches Face Crackdown

Hundreds of Pentecostal churches have cropped up in Cameroon in the past decade. Now, the government is shutting some down, targeting churches that it says take advantage of poor, desperate people.

Pentecostal Churches Accused Of Exploiting Cameroon's Poor

Pentecostalism is spreading rapidly throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Half of the world's Pentecostalists live there, and Cameroon's government has deemed the church a national threat.

Millennials 'Talk To God,' But Fewer Rely On Religion, Survey Finds

The new Carnegie Mellon study found that 62 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds report talking to God, but just 52 percent said they turned to religion for guidance.

Pope Francis Asks Abuse Victims' Forgiveness

In what are being described as his strongest comments so far about the church's sex abuse crisis, the pope also condemned the evil deeds of some priests.
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On the Coast: Presbyterian Church Keeps The Faith For 300 Years

Rehoboth Presbyterian Church was founded on the banks of the Pocomoke River in 1706, and calls itself the oldest Presbyterian church in America.