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Shroud Of Turin Goes Back On Display In Italy For A Limited Engagement

The 14-by-3.5-foot cloth, believed by many faithful to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, will be shown to the public until June 24.

Pope 'Considering' Cuba Visit, Vatican Says

The Holy See is in talks for Francis to make a trip to the island nation in September. The pontiff helped forge a breakthrough in relations between Havana and Washington.

Vatican Ends Battle With U.S. Nuns

The Vatican took over the Leadership Conference of Women Religious three years ago claiming the group undermined Catholic teaching while promoting "certain radical feminist themes."

They Speak Hebrew And Keep Kosher: The Left-Behind Ethiopian Jews

Two years ago, Israel ended with great fanfare a program that brought tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. But many are in limbo, separated from family, the result of stricter religious law.

Vatican Ends Scrutiny Of U.S. Nuns

It's an abrupt conclusion to a five-year doctrinal overhaul of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the main umbrella group for nuns in the U.S., that began in 2012.

New Survey Shows The World's Most And Least Religious Places

Sixty-three percent of people who took part in a global survey of religious attitudes say they are religious, according to WIN/Gallup International, the organization that carried out the polling.

Armenian 'Genocide' Remarks By Pope Francis Spark Row With Turkey

The pope continues his theme of outspoken criticism against the complicity of silence of today's world community against the persecution of Christians and other minorities by Islamic extremists.

Pope's Remarks On Armenian 'Genocide' Spark Row With Turkey

Francis, marking the 100th anniversary of the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War I, described the deaths as a "genocide," causing Turkey to recall its Vatican ambassador.
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Keeping The Faith: Black Catholic Church Looks Back On 95 Years In Ward 8

The history of Catholic church in Anacostia built by black parishioners who faced discrimination by a local white congregation.

Christians Debate Sinfulness Of Servicing Same-Sex Weddings

Christian conservatives who say that servicing a same-sex wedding violates their religious beliefs cite New Testament verses that suggest it is sinful not only to engage in homosexual behavior, but also to "approve" of it. Moderate theologians say such a literalist reading takes the lessons of the Bible out of context.