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Pope Francis Meets Homeless At Catholic Charities In Washington, D.C.

Pope Francis spent time with homeless, immigrant and other low-income clients of Catholic Charities on his last day in Washington, D.C., Thursday.

Comic Jim Gaffigan On Stand-Up, Faith And Opening For The Pope

On Saturday, Gaffigan will perform for an audience that may include Pope Francis. A practicing Catholic, the comic says faith is a central part of his humor.

LISTEN: The Pope's Speech To Congress

In case you missed it: The full audio of Pope Francis' speech to a joint meeting of Congress, paired with his prepared remarks and analysis from Morning Edition.

The 1 Line Pope Francis Left Out Of His Speech

The pope spoke for 51 minutes before Congress and read his speech verbatim from prepared remarks. That is, except for one line he omitted about politics not being "a slave to the economy and finance."

Pope Francis Visits Homeless In D.C.

Fresh from addressing a joint meeting of Congress, the pontiff was to have lunch with some 300 low-income and homeless people at Catholic Charities.

The 10 Most Political Moments In Pope Francis' Address To Congress

The speech had something for everyone. It had several lines that might have made members of both parties uncomfortable — but mostly Republicans.


For Pope At Congress, A Historic Speech That's Hard To Pigeonhole

What does it mean to U.S. politicians when the Pope calls for an end to income inequality, an attack on Climate Change and respect for religious freedom? Renee Montagne asks NPR's Tom Gjelten.

In Pope Francis' Congress Speech, Praise For Dorothy Day And Thomas Merton

Calling them "four representatives of the American people," Pope Francis lauded Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln.
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How One Professor's 'Coup' Changed Catholic Education in America

In the tide-changing 1960s, a Catholic University professor led what's been called the greatest revolution in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States.

In Speech On The Hill, Pope's Remarks To Congress Send A Message (Or 3)

In a speech before a joint meeting of Congress, the Catholic Church leader offered words threaded heavily with politics. For analysis, Renee Montagne speaks with NPR's Don Gonyea.