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Ancient Paper Suggests Jesus May Have Been Married

Robert Siegel speaks with Elaine Pagels, religion professor at Princeton University, about the discovery of an ancient papyrus fragment that suggests some early Christians believed Jesus had a wife, and possibly a female disciple.

Debunking The 'Myth Of The Muslim Tide'

In his new book, Doug Saunders says there are those who believe immigration and high birth rates will make Muslims a majority in Europe in coming decades — and their hostility to Western values makes them a threat. Saunders tells Fresh Air that such fears are based on inaccurate assertions of fact.

The End Of WASP-Dominated Politics

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan compose the first presidential ticket in history not to feature a Protestant. And, of course, they're running against the first African-American president. All of these individuals point to an enormous shift in American demographics and political power.

France On Alert, Closing Embassies, After Magazine Publishes Muhammad Cartoons

The weekly Charlie Hebdo has courted such controversy before. Its offices were firebombed last November after another issue that satirized the prophet. The new cartoons come amid high tensions over an anti-Islam video.

Text Reignites Debate: Did Jesus Have A Wife?

A Harvard researcher says a "new gospel" written on a fragment of papyrus shows some early Christians believed Jesus had a wife. The fragment — which scholars believe was written in the fourth century — is creating a sensation among New Testament experts.