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Funding Could Dry Up For Kentucky's Noah's Ark Theme Park

Answers in Genesis, the nonprofit building the park, has fallen short of its fundraising target and must raise $29 million by Feb. 6.

Tree-Incarnation: Christmas Trees Return To Nature (A Poem)

Americans buy about 30 million live trees every year. Many end up as mulch, but in some communities they help rebuild dunes, create fish habitat and feed zoo animals. Hear the story of arborial resurrection in anapestic tetrameter.
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Shifting Cultural Norms, From "Duck Dynasty" To "Happy Holidays"

From anti-gay comments from the star of "Duck Dynasty" to a campaign to halt the "War on Christmas," we explore shifting cultural norms and the language of inclusiveness.


Arrest Made In Murder Of California Priest

The say the body of the Rev. Eric Freed, found in the rectory of St. Bernard Church in Eureka on New Year's Day, showed signs of a struggle.

Justice Sotomayor Blocks Part Of Birth Control Mandate

The Supreme Court justice issued a decision Tuesday night that's putting part of President Obama's health insurance law in doubt. Groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged are suing to block the law, saying it violates their religious freedom.

Elizabeth Smart Shares About Her Faith And Kidnapping

Elizabeth Smart was just 14-years-old when she was kidnapped at knife point from her bedroom. She was held for nine months before finally being rescued. Host Michel Martin talks with Smart about her memoir, My Story and her Mormon faith - which made her both a target, and a survivor. This segment originally aired Oct. 11, 2013 on Tell Me More.

Pope Francis Ruffled Feathers, Excited Catholics In First Year

Audie Cornish reviews Pope Francis' first year with religion writer and blogger Rocco Palmo.

In Conflict-Torn Africa, Senegal Shows A Way To Religious Harmony

Inter-religious tensions have been in the headlines in parts of Africa lately. Christian-Muslim clashes have left many dead in places like Nigeria and Central African Republic. But there are also examples of peaceful inter-religious co-existence in Africa, such as Senegal.

Conviction Overturned For Priest Jailed In Abuse Scandal

A three-judge panel unanimously rejected the argument that Monsignor William Lynn was legally responsible for the welfare of abused children in the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

U.S. Catholics Invigorated By Pope Francis' First Year

Pope Francis has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year. But what do American Catholics make of their widely-praised new pope? Most people like how he accepts everybody that wants to be part of the church.