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Minister Defrocked Over Officiating Gay Wedding Will Appeal

United Methodist church officials have defrocked the Rev. Frank Schaefer, who presided over his son's gay wedding.

'Duck Dynasty' Attracts Christian Conservatives

The patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family has been suspended indefinitely from the hit reality TV show on A&E because of his remarks about homosexuality. He made the comments to GQ magazine. The show has spawned a multi-million-dollar industry of related products and books.

Methodist Minister Who Officiated At Gay Wedding Is Defrocked

Rev. Frank Schaefer presided over his son's marriage to another man six years ago. When his congregation learned about the marriage this year, a complaint was filed with United Methodist officials. The church says same-sex marriage is "incompatible with Christian teaching." Schaefer disagrees.

Judge Softens Utah's Anti-Polygamy Law To Mixed Reactions

The ruling is welcome news for those like Joe Darger, who live in polygamous relationships. But others question the court's interpretation and worry about young girls they say are vulnerable to coercion into polygamous marriages.

In Francis' First Year, A 'Radical Pope' Seeks To Save His Church

"Who am I to judge?" With those five words, Pope Francis "stepped away from the disapproving tone, the explicit moralizing typical of popes and bishops," writes columnist James Carroll.

'Rapture' Prophet Harold Camping Dies

In 2011 the radio preacher famously said — twice — that the world was about to end. Thousands of people professed their belief in his warnings. After they didn't prove true, he conceded that his predictions were "incorrect and sinful."

Archbishop Kurtz: Pope Francis Is 'Engaged' With People

Pope Francis celebrates his 77th birthday on Tuesday. Linda Wertheimer talks to the recently elected head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, about the pope's recent statements on global economics.

Pastor Says He Will Minister To Gays Even If He's Defrocked

Rev. Frank Schaefer was convicted and suspended at a church trial last month of violating the Methodist Book of Discipline by presiding over his son's same-sex wedding ceremony.
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The Pope, Poverty And Policy

Pope Benedict stunned the world when he stepped down earlier this year. His successor, Pope Francis, has been shaking things up ever since. The first Jesuit to head the Vatican, Francis is renewing the Church's focus on poverty and putting a new face forward. We find out more about the history of the Jesuits, the Holy See and consider the influence Francis is having on policy around the world, including the United States.


In The Midst Of Newtown's Grief, Pastor Says There Is Light

Reverend Matthew Crebbin had to comfort shocked residents after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that killed 28 people last year. A year later, he speaks with host Michel Martin about the role faith played in keeping the town together.