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Vatican Comes Under U.N. Scrutiny Over Priest Abuse Scandal

The Committee on the Rights of the Child takes church officials to task for their handling of sex abuse allegations, saying the Holy See must "take all appropriate measures" to keep children safe.

Muslim Women Challenge American Mosques: 'Now Is The Time'

Just a few years ago, a woman's place in the mosque was a fringe issue. Now, a younger generation is using social media to draw attention to what it sees as a less-than-welcoming climate at some mosques, and to demand change.
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"The Square:" Behind The Headlines Of The Egyptian Revolution (Rebroadcast)

A new documentary takes viewers inside the Egyptian revolution, from the heady protests in Tahrir Square to the subsequent political upheaval.


Pope's Harley Goes Up For Auction To Help Rome Soup Kitchen

The pontiff was given two Harley-Davidson motorcycles in June, one of which will be sold in Paris to raise money for Charitas Roma.

Pope Names 19 New Cardinals, Many From Developing World

Pope Francis continues to shake things up this week in the Catholic Church. Renee Montagne talks with John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter about what the new appointments say about the direction the Pope is leading the church.

Pope Calls Abortion Evidence Of 'The Throwaway Culture'

Francis, who has been criticized by some conservative Catholics for not speaking out forcefully against abortion, said the practice is "horrific."

The Case Against Hugging, Dead Authors, Sharon Jones

In this week's podcast, we hear a researcher's objections to hugging, comedian Paul F. Tompkins brings authors back from the dead, and Sharon Jones beats cancer and releases a long-awaited album.

Former Pastor Decides To Spend A Year Without God

Ryan Bell was asked to step down from his Seventh-day Adventist congregation in March, after questioning his faith. For his New Year's resolution, Bell has decided to "try on" atheism and put his role as a religious leader — and follower — on hold.

A Black Church's Dilemma: Preserve A Building, Or Our Identity?

The crumbling Centennial Baptist Church in Helena, Ark., has deep roots in the African-American community. But poverty and other concerns in this Delta town have made raising restoration funds difficult — and the effort to keep the church in black hands has sparked tensions with local preservationists.

When The Right To Religion Conflicts With A Changing Society

Nuns sue to avoid contraceptive coverage. A baker refuses to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. These ongoing battles bring into question the scope of the right to religious liberty in America. Where do one person's rights end and another's begin?