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Filipino Priest Suffers With His Flock Amid Typhoon's Ruins

The Rev. Kelvin Apurillo rode out Haiyan on the second floor of his parish church. Two-thirds of his parishioners are now dead, missing or have left, and he's struggling to make sense of the destruction. In the majority Roman Catholic country, the church has played a key role in relief efforts.

Meet Mensch On A Bench, Jewish Counterpart To Elf On The Shelf

The popular holiday toy Elf on the Shelf now has a Jewish counterpart. It's called Mensch on a Bench. Host Michel Martin talks to the creator, Neal Hoffman, about how he came up with the idea.

Pope Slams 'Disposable' Culture That Marginalizes Many

Pope Francis also says in a new treatise that he begs God "to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor!"

Vatican Puts St. Peter's Bones On Display For The First Time

In a surreal, emotional ceremony, Pope Francis held bone fragments the Catholic Church believes are the relics of the apostle St. Peter, who is considered to be the church's first pope. The relics have been shrouded in mystery and intrigue for years.

Time To Mix Up The Manischewitz Turkey Brine For Thanksgivukkah

Jewish foodies say the flavors of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are a culinary match made in heaven. And this Thanksgivukkah feast is especially sweet because it may not happen again for 80,000 years.
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Religious Traditions And Challenges For Interfaith Families

More than a third of marriages in the U.S. are now between people of different faiths. The everyday challenges of establishing traditions, raising children and blending different religions.


Church Of England To Ordain Women As Bishops

The Church of England voted overwhelmingly Monday to allow women to serve as bishops. The first woman could be ordained as early as the end of this year.

Slowly, Priest Realized Celibacy Was A 'Destructive' Force

After 17 years as a priest, Thomas Groome decided that celibacy was "not life-giving" and left the church to get married. He remains a devout Catholic and professor of theology and talks with host Rachel Martin about how having a family has enriched his faith.

A Jewish Comic And A Muslim Researcher Walk Into A Party ...

When Dalia Mogahed, a Muslim analyst who advised the White House on faith-based partnerships, met comedian and author Judy Carter, the two struck up an unlikely friendship.

With Echoes Of France, Debate On Religion Divides Quebec

The Canadian province has proposed a "secularism charter" that would ban government workers from wearing religious symbols. Supporters say it would preserve gender equality and the separation of church and state. Critics say the measure curbs religious freedom. The issue has echoes of a debate that's played out in France twice in the past decade.