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Kansas Set To Enact Law Saying Life Starts At Fertilization

Gov. Sam Brownback is expected to sign the measure making abortion access much harder in Kansas. In addition to declaring that life begins "at fertilization," it blocks tax breaks for abortion providers and requires doctors to address a weak link between abortion and breast cancer.

The Controversial, Yet Popular, Reverend Cecil Williams

Reverend Cecil Williams has been called crazy and radical. But during his 50 years of service as pastor of the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, the Methodist congregation has gone from a mere 35 members to 10,000 people. Williams, and his wife, Janice Mirikitani, discuss their new book, Beyond the Possible.

Jewishness On Display: 'Truth' By Way Of Discomfort

A new exhibit in Berlin's Jewish Museum is intentionally provocative. The point, one curator says, is to "get people talking about how they perceive Jews, particularly in Germany today." At the center of the controversy is a display in which a Jewish person sits inside a glass showcase and answers questions from visitors.
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Slideshow: Intersection Of Faith And Arts

Artists explore how faith, spirituality and heritage play a role in artistic expression.
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Virginia Congregation Rebuilds After Devastating Fire

The congregation of the Adams United Methodist Church in Whitesville, Va. is picking up the pieces after the church's sanctuary was destroyed in a January fire.
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Muslim Community, Rural Residents Seek Middle Ground in Development Fight

The Dar-us-Salaam Muslim community in College Park is hoping to move to Howard County, but some residents are fighting those plans.

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A New Church For Hip H Street?

Kevin and Charla Lum were raised in evangelical Christian families, and now the married couple is starting their own church on H Street northeast.

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Former Prison Chaplain Shares Stories Of Faith Behind Bars

Ordained minister Geraldine Buckley says faith plays a large part in her life, and never more so than when she was asked to lead a poetry workshop at the Maryland Correctional Training Center (MCTC), the state's largest men's prison.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Faith

You can have it, you can keep it, or you can break it. It can be an act, or it can be a leap. In other words, we're talking about faith.