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Grilled Cactus, Rice Soup, And Other Food For Lent

Many of the world's Christians are now observing the solemn period of Lent. Food blogger and historian Frederick Douglass Opie offers a taste of the different food traditions of Lent.

Pope Francis' First Year In Review

The Pope has earned praise and criticism for his first year leading the Catholic Church. The National Catholic Reporter's Michael Sean Winters and conservative columnist Gayle Trotter weigh in.

One Year Later, 'A Pope For All' Keeps Catholics Guessing

Following two doctrinally conservative leaders, Pope Francis' pastoral approach in his first year has given the Catholic Church a new glow. But it's still unclear where he intends to take the church.

On Italian Newsstands, Pope Francis Gets His Own Fanzine

Imagine: a papal People magazine. It's not far-fetched. A new magazine, My Pope, is covering the weekly activities of Pope Francis — and it's put out by a publisher known for celebrity gossip rags.

Kentucky Southern Baptists Draw Crowds With Gun Giveaways

The Kentucky Baptist Convention has found a surefire way for getting people through church doors: free guns. The church raffle events combine dinner, sermons and a Second Amendment message.

A Frat Of Their Own: Muslims Create A New Space On Campus

Alpha Lambda Mu filled a void last year, becoming the first Muslim fraternity in the country. Its founder says he just wanted to provide Muslim American men a place to be themselves.
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Orthodox Jewish Woman Takes The Pulpit In D.C.

Ruth Balinsky Friedman is one of the first Orthodox Jewish women in the nation to serve as a spiritual leader.

VIDEO: Dalai Lama Prays Senators Will 'Act With A Pure Mind'

The Buddhist spiritual leader delivered the U.S. Senate's opening prayer on Thursday. If the politicians heed his words, "happiness will follow," he says.

Russian, Ukranian Faith Leaders Encourage Hope During Crisis

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are being felt by Orthodox Christians in the US. Ukrainian and Russian religious leaders here discuss how they see their roles in the crisis.

Italian Publisher Launches Pope Francis Fan Magazine

The premiere issue of Il Mio Papa (or My Pope) includes a pull-out centerfold of the smiling, cassock-clad pontiff. But Francis tells an Italian newspaper there's too much hype surrounding his papacy.