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What Happens When You Die? Your Thoughts On The Afterlife

As part of a series of conversations exploring the concept of life after death, All Things Considered would like to hear from you. What do you believe happens when life ends?

Imam: 'We Can't Imagine' The Beauty Of Paradise After Death

This week, All Things Considered is talking with leaders from different faiths about their perspectives on an afterlife. Mufti Asif Umar says Muslims believe that a person who enters paradise will find whatever he or she desires waiting there.

To Pastor, Afterlife Is Where We 'Learn To Live Together'

Humans have debated the concept of an afterlife for millennia. But ultimately, each individual's view on life after death is a personal one. For his part, the Rev. Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, sees eternity as a place where people cast aside the differences that divided them on earth.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, A 'Kingmaker' In Israeli Politics, Dies

The longtime spiritual leader of Sephardic Jews also was a founder of Shas, the ultra-Orthodox political party that has played crucial roles in governing coalitions.
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Homophobia A Sin, Says Dean Of Washington National Cathedral

Shaming people for who they love is itself a sin, the dean of the Washington National Cathedral told a group of the weekend.


Wife Works To Free Pastor From Iranian Prison

Iranian-American Saeed Abedini converted from Islam to Christianity in 2000, and is a pastor of a church in the U.S. Now, he's serving time in an Iranian prison on charges of disturbing national security. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Naghmeh Abedini, his wife, about her husband's imprisonment and her campaign to get him released.

Snake-Handling Preachers Open Up About 'Takin' Up Serpents'

Pastor Jamie Coots says his Pentecostal church is really not that different from other churches. "We sing, we preach, we testify, take up offerings, pray for the sick, everything like everybody else does. Just, every once in a while, snakes are handled," he says.

Tasteless Or Not? Restaurant Puts Communion Wafer On Burger

Kuma's Corner, a Chicago eatery, says the dish is in honor of a Swedish heavy metal band that dresses in religious robes. Critics say it makes a mockery of something that is holy to Catholics and many other Christians.

2 By 2 and 2x4s: The Building Of Noah's Arks

There's been a near boom of Noah's arks around the world. The latest is in Miami, where a group wants to create a Noah's ark theme park with rides and gardens. The man behind a 450-foot long ark in the Netherlands says his goal is to spread his faith, but he thinks the appeal of the Noah story these days is obvious: climate change.

Pope Francis Says The Court Is The 'Leprosy Of The Papacy'

As the pope begins a meeting with his Council of Cardinals, an Italian newspaper publishes a wide-ranging interview with him, in which the pontiff affirms separation of church and state and expounds on the nature of good and evil.