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Gay Rights Supporters Celebrate At National Cathedral

The National Cathedral held a mass Wednesday night to celebrate the two landmark decisions on gay rights by the nation's highest court.

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National Cathedral To Hold Prayer Service For LGBT Families

The prayer service comes on the same day that the Supreme Court is expected to rule on two same-sex marriage cases.


Group That Claimed To 'Cure' Gays Disbands, Leader Apologizes

Exodus International, the Evangelical Christian ministry that sought to change the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians has announced it is shutting down. The move came directly after the group's president issued an apology to the gay community for being part of a "system of ignorance" that hurt the LGBT community.

Gay-Therapy Ministry Shuts Down, Says 'We've Hurt People'

Gay-rights activists have praised Exodus International's President Alan Chambers for shutting down the group and acknowledging that its aims were misguided.

Second Reported Miracle Paves Way For Pope John Paul's Sainthood

A Costa Rican woman was reportedly cured of a severe brain injury when her family prayed to the late pontiff.

African-Americans And Gay Marriage: It's Complicated

As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on two cases involving same-sex marriage, a new documentary takes a look at what same-sex marriage means for African-Americans. Host Michel Martin speaks with Yoruba Richen, the director of The New Black to find out what inspired the film.

Violence Defies Pakistanis' Efforts To Define Their Nation

There is no more graphic example of the daunting challenges facing Pakistan's new prime minister than the bloody events playing out in the west of his nation. The fractured country is as threatened as ever by forces committed to its destruction.

Orthodox Jews Gear Up For First Women Leaders

Breaking the norms of faith isn't always easy — especially for Orthodox Jews. But Ruth Balinsky Friedman wants to take up the traditionally male-dominated role of faith leader. She speaks with host Michel Martin about what a woman can bring to the position.

Harley Davidson Sends Pope Francis Gifts

The company sent the pope two motorcycles and a leather jacket. The occasion is a gathering of bikers in Vatican City this weekend hoping for a blessing of the motorbikes.