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More Muslim Groups Voice Willingness To Combat Extremism In Their Faith

Many leaders are reluctant to say al-Qaida's or ISIS' terrorism has roots in Islam. But some Muslims say the time has come to acknowledge an extremist strain in the religion, and to combat it.
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Less Damage, Less Grime: Phase One Of Cathedral's Earthquake Repairs Is Over

Six flying buttresses have been shored up, ceilings have been repaired, and a lot has been cleaned, but there's more work to be done.


ISIS Video Purports To Show Mass Beheading Of Coptic Christians

The footage is supposed to show militants from the self-declared Islamic State executing 21 Coptic Christians captured by the extremist group last week.

Some See Extreme 'Anti-Theism' As Motive In N.C. Killings

The suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim students in North Carolina is a self-described anti-theist, what some some experts see as a new extremism developing among some atheists.

Taking Stock Of Pope Francis After Two Years On The Job

Pope Francis had many accolades placed on him when he became Pope. Nearly two years later, host Indira Lakshmanan speaks with Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo about whether or not he's living up to his reputation.

Attack On Copenhagen Cafe Apparently Aimed At Cartoonist

An attack on a free-speech seminar attended by artist Lars Vilks left one dead and three injured. Later, a shooting near a Copenhagen synagogue injured three; it's unclear if the events are related.

With New Cardinals, Pope Aims To Widen Horizons Of Church Leadership

In a formal ceremony, 20 prelates became princes of the Catholic Church. The new cardinals mark a shift in the church under Pope Francis toward poor nations — and away from Europe.

Obama Calls UNC Murders 'Brutal And Outrageous'

The president spoke a day after the Justice Department announced an investigation into the killings of three Muslim university students as a possible hate crime.

Pope Encounters Resistance On Some Reforms

At the Vatican this week, the pope's G9 — a committee of nine cardinals — is working on how to overhaul Vatican governance.

Couples Who Choose Not To Have Children Are 'Selfish,' Pope Says

Francis spoke of a "greedy generation" that is opting not to procreate. His remarks come less than two weeks after he said Catholics do not need to breed "like rabbits."