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How Much Clout Does Pope Francis Have In The Middle East?

The pontiff made a symbolic gesture when he visited the Middle East recently, adding his presence to peace and reconciliation efforts. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli talks more about the visit.
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"American Panic:" Who Scares Us and Why

Kojo joins author Mark Stein to explore the roots of American political panic, why it occurs, and how you can stay calm amid a politically fueled firestorm.


Pope Francis Ends Historic Mideast Trip

Pope Francis wraps up his trip to the Middle East, where he addressed some of the region's tough political issues and cast some dramatic images at its most sensitive spots.

Pews Are Out, Fireplace Is In At Restored Appalachian Church

A tiny Presbyterian church in southwestern Virginia is coming back to life, thanks to a new pastor who's mixing old-time Appalachian culture with a new twist on worship.

The Pope Walks In Bethlehem, Part Of His 'Pilgrimage For Prayer'

Pope Francis visits Bethlehem on Sunday in the middle of a three-day trip to the Middle East. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to correspondent Emily Harris about the significance of the pope's visit.

Pope Francis Prays At Wall Separating Israel, West Bank

The pontiff showed symbolic approval for an independent Palestinian state as he arrived in Bethlehem by helicopter. He also invited Israeli and Palestinian leaders to the Vatican for a prayer meeting.

Popes In The Holy Land: After 2,000 Years, A New Tradition

Pope Francis becomes one of the few pontiffs who have visited the birthplace of Christianity when he makes a three-day journey to the Holy Land where he will reach out to other faiths as well.

Protestant Churches Grapple With Growing Sexual Abuse Crisis

The conservative nature of many Protestant schools and churches has been blamed for shielding child abusers. Journalist Kathryn Joyce talks efforts to bring them to light.

'Unmosqued' Examines Muslim Variant Of Unchurched Youth

A new documentary making the rounds on college campuses is striking a chord with young Muslims. It depicts them drifting away from Islam and argues that mosques are to blame.

Palestinians Appeal To Pope For Help In Land Disputes With Israel

Conflicts arise when Israeli settlement or security construction cuts into land, often owned by local churches, where Palestinians live or work. Local Christians hope Francis will push their cause.