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In Argentina, Pope Francis' Legacy Is Complex

The pope was a young priest during his nation's "Dirty War." Journalist Alma Guillermoprieto talks with NPR's Scott Simon about Francis' controversial history and her article "Francis's Holy War."

Podcaster Risks Excommunication For Defending Gay Mormons

Earlier this week, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints excommunicated an advocate for female priesthood. This weekend, a Utah man who questioned church doctrine might face a similar fate.

Excommunicated Mormon Says Church Can't Take Away Her Faith

Kathleen Kelly was excommunicated from the Mormon Church for advocating that women be ordained. Host Michel Martin speaks with Kelly about her cause and her future with the Church.

Methodists Reinstate Minister Who Officiated At Son's Gay Marriage

Frank Schaefer, a minister with the United Methodist Church, has won an appeal and had his pastoral credentials restored.

Measles Outbreak In Ohio Leads Amish To Reconsider Vaccines

Amish country in Ohio is being hit hard by a measles outbreak. Most Amish aren't vaccinated, so the disease has spread quickly. But a push for vaccination has found many takers.

AP: Parts Of Irish 'Mass Graves' Story Exaggerated By Media

The Associated Press says Irish and American media turned speculation into certainty on some details of infant and child burials at a Catholic home for unwed mothers near Galway city.

Mormon Church Excommunicates Advocate For Female Priests

An all-male panel has convicted Kate Kelly, a founder of Ordain Women, of apostasy and canceled her church membership.

In Trial, Movement To Ordain Mormon Women Approaches Defining Moment

Activists are now asking Mormon church leaders to reconsider a policy that allows only men to be ordained. One Mormon woman has just been expelled from the church for her activism.

Christian Woman Escapes Death In Sudan Over Conversion

Meriam Ibrahim, 27, says she was raised an Orthodox Christian after being born to a Muslim father. A court ordered her release Monday, throwing out a death sentence.
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Transgender Priest Makes History With Service At National Cathedral

On Sunday, services at the Washington National Cathedral were conducted by a transgender priest — a first for the cathedral.