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Advocates Examine Mormon Church's Stance On LGBT Rights

Advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people celebrated when the church announced support for anti-discrimination laws. But now they are taking a closer look at the statements.

A Saint With A Mixed History: Junipero Serra's Canonization Raises Eyebrows

Pope Francis announced he will elevate the influential missionary to sainthood when he visits Washington, D.C. But Native American groups say Father Serra was far from saintly.

Journalist Documents Anti-Semitism In A Swedish City

Journalist Petter Ljunggren wore a Jewish skullcap and Star of David pendant to covertly film the anti-Semitism he experienced in the Swedish city of Malmo. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Ljunggren.

Piece By Piece, Monks Scramble To Preserve Iraq's Christian History

Fleeing ISIS, an order of Dominican monks had to leave much behind. But when Father Najeeb Michaeel helped the Christian community escape, he took one thing with him: a collection of manuscripts.

American Millennial Missionary In Guinea Isn't Scared Off By Ebola

Luke Whitworth, 23, came to Guinea from South Carolina 13 months ago. That's when the outbreak there began. His sponsoring group gave him the option to leave — but he's determined to stay.

Supreme Court Rules For Muslim Inmate In Prison Beard Case

The court said a ban on beards violated the prisoner's religious freedom. The state of Arkansas had argued that the beard presented security concerns and that it could be used to hide contraband.

Pope Francis Says Catholics Don't Need To Breed 'Like Rabbits'

On his return from a weeklong trip to Asia, Pope Francis emphasized the church's ban on artificial means of birth control and said Catholics should practice "responsible parenthood."

A Memoir Of A Family's Diaspora, And A Mother's Depression

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen looks back on his life and asks: Could a family's constant movement — four countries in four generations — contribute to a mother's struggle with mental illness?

Prominent Irish Government Minister Comes Out As Gay

Leo Varadkar, speaking to Irish radio, also says he supports an upcoming referendum to approve same-sex marriage in the traditionally conservative Catholic country.

ISIS Frees 200 Elderly Yazidis; Reportedly 'Too Expensive To Feed'

The mostly infirm refugees from the religious minority were released by the self-declared Islamic State. Speculation is that they had become a burden to the militants.