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Faith Leaders Are Still Backing Trump In The Wake Of His Lewd Comments About Women

Evangelical leader Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition says he will continue to stand by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump despite the recent release of tape of Trump's offensive remarks.
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The Battle For Fort Stevens: How Civil War Buffs And A Church Fought Over Housing

A D.C. church wanted to build itself a new house of worship and a multi-purpose building with 99 affordable apartments. But the project was delayed by the unlikeliest of opponents: Civil War buffs concerned over the only battlefield within city limits.

She's Determined To Be A Triathlete, Even If It Means Wearing A Hijab

Shirin Gerami wanted to represent her homeland, Iran, as a triathlete. But to do so, authorities said she'd have to cover up.

World's Oldest Man Celebrates His Bar Mitzvah 100 Years Late

Two world wars and the Holocaust derailed Yisrael Kristal's bar mitzvah celebration until he turned 113 years old. His family held the ritual for him this week in Israel.

Why Don't We Hear More About The Christian Left?

Long story short: the right is very, very Christian, while the left is much less so.

Pope Francis Surprises Survivors In Italian Earthquake Sites

Pope Francis made an unannounced visit Tuesday to the central Italy zone still recovering from a deadly August temblor. Amid ruins, he told residents, "There is always a future."

Lutheran Minister Preaches A Gospel Of Love To Junkies, Drag Queens And Outsiders

Nadia Bolz-Weber was a standup comic who opened up a church with a mission to "remind people that they're absolutely loved." Her memoir is Accidental Saints. Originally published Sept. 17, 2015.

Police Shootings Are 'More Than A One-Dimensional Crisis' Says Pastor T.D. Jakes

Dallas pastor T.D. Jakes discusses violence between law enforcement and the black community and how his parish and new television show take on the issue.

Pope Warns Of 'Ideological Colonization'; Praises Catholics In Caucasus

Pope Francis reached out to Orthodox Christians and Muslims in Georgia and Azerbaijan, and warned Catholics to stand up against gender theory, which he says is a threat to marriage.

How The V.P. Nominees Differ From The Tops of Their Tickets

Ahead of Tuesday's vice presidential debate, here is where the two running mates differ on some issues from their party's presidential nominees.