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Examining Catholicism's Controversial Liberation Theology

The legacy of slain Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was beatified on Saturday, is tied to Liberation Theology. Renee Montagne talks to John Allen of the Boston Globe about the movement.

Huge Crowd In El Salvador For Beatifcation Of Slain Archbishop

The ceremony for Oscar Romero — who was gunned down during mass in the capital, San Salvador, in 1980 — is the last step before being declared a saint by the Vatican.

El Salvador Arch Bishop Moves Closer To Sainthood

One of Latin America's most celebrated religious figures moves one step closer to sainthood Saturday. NPR's Scott Simon talks to correspondent Carrie Kahn about the beatification of Oscar Romero.

What Archbishop Romero's Beatification Means For El Salvador Today

Saturday's ceremony ends a long fight for recognition of the staunch defender of the poor, who was assassinated in 1980. But some say the violence-wracked country is no better now than it was then.

A Wedding And A Challenge: Lebanese Couples Fight For Civil Marriage

No one ever said marriage was easy, but in Lebanon, it's even harder: The country has 15 sets of matrimonial laws for 18 different religions and sects. Activists want the right to civil marriages.

More Than 100 Charged In Mob Killing Of Christian Couple In Pakistan

Prosecutors say clerics accused the couple of burning a page of the Quran and helped incite a mob to incinerate them in a brick kiln.

Malaysia Orders Navy, Coast Guard To Rescue Rohingyas At Sea

Prime Minister Najib Razak made the announcement via Twitter, a day after Indonesia joined Kuala Lumpur in agreeing to take in the refugees, most of whom have fled Myanmar.

Rabbis Diversify To Connect To Students; Just Don't Bring Up Israel

As the number of religious young people declines, Hillel International is trying to build a "big tent" Judaism for secular and religious students alike. But some say that tent may not be big enough.

20 Years After China Seized Boy Monk, Tibetans Call For His Release

In 1995, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima was designated as the 11th Panchen Lama, Tibetan Buddhism's second-highest spiritual leader. He was promptly detained by Chinese authorities and never heard from again.

Asia's Governments Talk As Desperate Rohingyas Wait At Sea

At least 1,000 are still stranded offshore in rickety boats with little food or water. But so far, the governments of Southeast Asia have shown no willingness to let them come ashore.