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Listen: News Conference On The Washington Navy Yard Incident

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser; Vice Adm. Dixon Smith, the commander of Navy Installations Command; and D.C. police Chief Cathy Lanier take questions.

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A Security Scare At The Washington Navy Yard

The Washington Navy Yard was put on lockdown this morning after reports of possible gun shots. Federal officials have now issued an "all clear" for the area, but questions remain about what provoked the heavy response from law enforcement.

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After Massive Response At Navy Yard, Police Say No Evidence Of A Shooter Found

Authorities received an alert about a potential shooter, which triggered a large response in keeping with protocols established after the 2013 massacre at the facility, officials said.

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The Push To Mandate Vaccines For Schoolchildren

California passes a new law requiring all children enrolled in school to be vaccinated. It's the largest state in the nation to do so. The push to require vaccinations and the tension between public health and personal beliefs.

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No Evidence Of Shooting At Navy Yard, Officials Say

The facility in Southeast D.C. was locked down Thursday morning after reports of shots fired, but officials later said there was no evidence of a shooting, no one had been arrested, and no weapons had been found.

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'The People's Fireworks' Leave Some D.C. Residents Fired Up

A lot of District residents assume that the sound of cheap rockets and firecrackers comes with the territory on the Fourth of July, but some say that the annual tradition — which is largely illegal — has gotten out of hand.

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D.C. To Penalize Stores That Sell Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is hard to regulate but easy to find. Officials say it's being sold all over D.C., in gas stations, liquor stores and other retail outlets — and the stuff is far from harmless.
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The Supreme Court Rules on King v. Burwell

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier this morning that the federal government may continue to provide tax subsidies to lower income individual and families who signed up for health insurance on federally run health exchanges. Join us for an update on the decision and its implications

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Metro Safety Makeover Is Possible, But Priorities Must Be Set, NTSB Head Says

After two days of hearings on the deadly L'Enfant Plaza smoke incident, Christopher Hart said his agency has a better understanding of what might have gone wrong in the tunnel, and what Metro can do to improve.

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Day 2 Of NTSB Hearings Turns On Metro's Close-Call Reporting System

Metro's safety culture was under the microscope on the second day of NTSB hearings, including some memorable exchanges about the bathroom habits of train operators.