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Rate Of Pedestrian Deaths Relatively Low In D.C., Report Finds

D.C. is a fairly safe city for pedestrians, according to a new report by Smart Growth America, but advocates say the city has a long way to go to bring pedestrian deaths down to zero.

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Nine Security Cameras Installed On Ocean City Boardwalk

Police in Ocean City have extended their reach — albeit virtually — with the installation of nine security cameras on the iconic Boardwalk.

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Trial Board Postponed For D.C. Firefighters

D.C. Firefighter George Martin is facing charges related to the death of a 77-year-old man outside his firehouse, but the trial board was delayed on Monday.

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Details Emerge About Deadly Balloon Crash Near Richmond

A hot air balloon crash near Richmond on Friday claimed the lives of three people, including two employees of the University of Richmond's athletic department.

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Motorcycle Fatalities Down In 2013, But More Due To Weather Than Safety

A dearth of good riding days was response for a dip in the number of motorcycle fatalities in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, where officials would like to see higher rates of helmet use.

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Heavy Rains Bring Flooding, Evacuations In Prince George's

Heavy rains on Wednesday swamped area waterways, forcing the WSSC to open the floodgates on the T Howard Duckett Dam, forcing evacuations and flooding many areas of Laurel, Maryland.

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New Driver's Licenses Comply with REAL ID Act

The District of Columbia is set to issue drivers licenses that comply with federal law intended to make it harder for terrorists to get fake IDs. We look at how the change affects you.

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Fraternities On and Off Campus

The history of fraternities on American college campuses stretches nearly as far back as the beginning of higher education in the U.S. We consider the pros and cons of frat life for both the organizations and universities.

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True Tales of American Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues

Americans have always been fascinated by criminals, immortalizing notorious bad guys on screen and on the page. But many of our most diabolical and misguided citizens have been overlooked by history books. Paul Martin highlights a colorful...

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D.C.'s Human Services Director On Homelessness

Dave Berns, the director of the District's Department of Human Services, joins Kojo to chat about the city's approach to homelessness.