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Lawmakers Weigh Responses After Gyrocopter Lands On Capitol Grounds

How was it that Florida mailman Doug Hughes was able to fly onto the grounds of the U.S. Capitol last week? That's an answer lawmakers are seeking to answer.

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D.C. Fire And EMS Bringing Back Entrance Exam For New Recruits

There are 150 vacancies for D.C. first responders, and as part of the push for recruiting, they will be going back to using entrance exams.
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Virginia's Drone Legislation Retains Requirement For Warrants

Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants to ensure that law enforcement can get access to information from drones without a warrant, but both chambers of the General Assembly have voted against his amendments.

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Fairfax County Lags Neighbors In Police Training To React To The Mentally Ill

Questions continue to linger in Fairfax County about the death of a mentally ill woman in the Fairfax County Jail, and whether training for sheriff's deputies could have prevented it.

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Capitol Police Chief Submits Resignation

Kim Dine, who has led the department during a stretch when it faced several high-profile incidents, has submitted his letter of resignation.

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With Heroin Use Spiking, McAuliffe To Speed Distribution Of Anti-Overdose Drug

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe will sign a bill that will make a drug that combats heroin overdoses more widely available across the commonwealth, where use of the drug has increased.
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Virginia Drone Legislation Puts A Veto In Plain Sight

A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers is pushing for more oversight of how Virginia law enforcement uses drone aircraft. But Gov. Terry McAuliffe opposes the latest proposal put forth by the General Assembly.

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Streetcar, 'Accountability' Among Key Points Of Bowser Address

D.C.'s new mayor said the H Street streetcar would survive and that "accountability" — from police, politicians and other officials — would be a defining aspect of her administration.

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'We Ruined That,' D.C. Police Chief Says About Relationship With Communities

Cathy Lanier says past policing strategies created an environment of mistrust that officers are still working to overcome.

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ACLU: 70 Percent Of People Killed By Police In Maryland From 2010-14 Were Black

Over the past four years, 109 were killed in police encounters in Maryland, and nearly three-quarters of them were African-American, according to the ACLU.