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How Safe Is D.C. For Pedestrians?

As the District's population grows, what can we do to make our streets safer for pedestrians?

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Mother Copes With Loss Of Child By Educating Others

Every year, dozens of children die after being forgotten in a hot car. One Virginia mother is working to change that — by sharing her own story.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Safety

From crime in our neighborhoods to dangerous driving on our highways, we'll focus this week on safety and how we learn to live with risk.

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New Efforts To Prevent Domestic Homicide

Police and domestic violence organizations are trying a new approach to curb domestic homicide. Law enforcement, the courts and victim advocates are starting to work together to prevent murders by predicting when they might happen by using a checklist of high-risk factors.

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Prince George's County Water Emergency Update

Kojo gets the latest on how southern Prince George's County residents are preparing for a water shutdown during the hottest period of the summer so far.

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Questions Following The Acquittal Of George Zimmerman

Reaction and debate following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who was accused in the death of an unarmed Florida teenager.

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Prince George's County Faces Water Emergency

Tens of thousands of Prince George's County, Md., residents are going to lose water for up to four days during emergency repairs on a water main. We look at how to prepare.

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The Aftermath Of Oil Spills In Michigan And Arkansas

As the White House nears a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, communities in Arkansas and Michigan are still dealing with major oil spills. Diane and her guests discuss the safety of shipping oil through pipelines.

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Dr. Sid Wolfe: Consumer Health Advocate

Dr. Sid Wolfe on the effort to ensure the safety of prescription drugs and his 40-year career as a consumer health advocate.

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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

House Republicans overwhelmingly resist comprehensive immigration overhaul. President Barack Obama's nominee to head the FBI answers questions about domestic surveillance. And the Boston Marathon bombing suspect pleads not guilty. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top domestic news stories.