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What's Private In The Modern Age

What's private in the modern age: government collection of personal data, cyber theft and the balance between privacy and security.

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SCOTUS Upholds Maryland's DNA Collection Law

Kojo explores the significance of the Supreme Court upholding a Maryland law that allows police to collect DNA samples when booking people arrested, but not yet convicted, for serious crimes.

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Montgomery County Pedestrian Collisions On The Rise

Pedestrian collisions are up in Montgomery County, but until this year, fatalities from those collisions had been dropping.

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Teen Drivers Not Heeding Warnings About Texting While Driving

Despite public awareness campaigns and parental admonishment, a new study finds that nearly half of high school students report texting while driving an automobile.

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Montgomery County Collects Over 100 Unwanted Guns

The county's first gun turn-in program brought in a total of 111 guns, loads of ammunition—and a grenade and a sword.

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Montgomery County Collects Unwanted Guns

Montgomery County will be accepting unwanted guns and bullets on Saturday.

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Students Hit The Road For National Bike To School Day

There were bikes aplenty on the road to school this morning, in a national event to promote healthier lifestyles and greater bicycle safety.

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Jailhouse Racketeering: Who Controls Our Prisons?

Thirteen jail guards helped a gang deal drugs and launder money from inside the Baltimore City jail, according to recent indictments. Kojo explores the prevalence of gangs and racketeering inside our prisons.

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Local Law Enforcement Celebrate 'Blue Mass' Today

Law enforcement and first responders who died in the line of duty were remembered today in the annual service out of St. Patrick's Catholic Church.

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Stun Gun Ban Lifted In Anne Arundel County

The Anne Arundel County Council voted by a narrow margin on Monday to lift the ban on tasers and stun guns for county residents.