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The Local & National Politics Of Gun Control

Kojo explores the political dynamics of the gun debate, with a focus on Virginia -- which is still reeling from the Virginia Tech shooting that took place six years ago this week.

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Addressing Metro Safety After The Boston Marathon Bombing

Security has been increased in Washington D.C. following the explosions in Boston this week, but security experts say the odds of being injured by a terrorist attack are still infinitesimal.

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Technology, Emergency Response & The Boston Bombings

Kojo explores the intersection of technology and emergency response and where it fits into the bombings that struck the Boston Marathon earlier this week.

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Local And National Reactions To The Boston Bombings

Kojo discusses local and national reactions to yesterday's events in Boston with Rep. Jim Moran.

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Enhanced Security For Emancipation Day, Following Boston Explosions

Additional security measures are in place across the District today following the bombing in Boston on Monday. Mayor Vincent Gray says Emancipation Day events will go on as planned.

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Explosions In Boston

On the day of the Boston Marathon, explosions rock the city. An update on casualties, what the authorities know and how the nation is reacting.

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Your Turn

On a busy news day we open the lines to get your thoughts on the headlines. It's your turn to weigh in on these news stories and others.

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The Fallout Of The Attack On The Boston Marathon

Kojo connects with a journalist from Washington who reported on the Boston Marathon bombings after running in the race himself, and with the chief of the Metro Transit Police Department here in the Washington area.

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Senate Votes To Open Gun Control Debate

By a vote of 68 to 31, the U.S. Senate voted to consider expanded gun control legislation, which is already farther than most expected it to go.