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Ocean City Mascot To Teach Kids Pedestrian Safety

The Maryland State Highway Administration is using a crab mascot to help teach safety in school programs across the state.

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New Efforts To Curb The Overuse Of Antibiotics In Animals And People

Each year, 2 million people contract antibiotic-resistant infections and 23,000 die. A discussion about the threat of a post-antibiotic age and new efforts to curb the overuse of antibiotics in animals and people.

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Critics Say D.C. Fire And EMS Critically Understaffed

Following a week of scandal for D.C. Fire and EMS after two ambulances caught on fire, critics are saying the department is critically understaffed.

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Officials Suspect Foul Play In Pair Of D.C. Ambulance Fires Tuesday

D.C.'s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety is calling for a police investigation into the two ambulance fires Tuesday, suspecting foul play.

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Matt Apuzzo And Adam Goldman: "Enemies Within"

Since 9/11, Americans have been engaged in a debate about the extent to which privacy must be given up to make the nation safer. The authors argue that many of our counterterrorism measures are more invasive than we realize and are not effective.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Profiles

We returned to the archives this week, to pluck out stories about people we simply cannot forget.

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Assessing New Threats From Al-Qaida

The U.S. warned American citizens to leave Yemen, closed diplomatic posts in the Middle East and Africa, and issued a worldwide travel alert.

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D.C.'s Rate Of Pedestrian Fatalities Higher Than National Average

Federal funding will be made available to the District, along with 21 other cities, following a report that pedestrian fatalities are on the rise.

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New Efforts To Prevent Domestic Homicide (Rebroadcast)

Police and domestic violence organizations are trying a new approach to curb domestic homicide. Law enforcement, the courts and victim advocates are starting to work together to prevent murders by predicting when they might happen by using a checklist of high-risk factors.

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Bay Bridge Crash Restarts Talk Of Additional Span

An accident last month that saw a woman plunge into the Chesapeake Bay has lawmakers renewing calls for an additional span on the Bay Bridge.