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A Standoff In Kenya And Terrorism Around The World

Kojo explores the impact of the rapidly developing standoff in Nairobi, Kenya, -- and what it means for efforts to combat terrorism in East Africa and around the world.

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Analysis: Questions Linger Regarding Capitol Police Response Time In Navy Yard Shooting

David Hawkings talks about reports that the Capitol Police were initially ordered to "stand down" during this week's Navy Yard shooting.

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Lawmakers Look Into Tactical Response To Navy Yard Shooting

Officers with a specialized unit trained to respond to mass shooting events are asking why they were told to stand down during Monday's shooting at the Navy Yard.

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D.C. Launches Citywide Effort To End Bullying

This school year will be the first in which the city's new anti-bullying policy goes into effect.

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Interactive Video Aims To Improve Hiring For Veterans

We visit the set of a a new interactive video aiming to smooth out the hiring process for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

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The Navy Yard: The History Of A D.C. Landmark Touched By Tragedy

The Navy Yard has been a part of Washington's landscape since the city's earliest days — and was critical in protecting the District during the War of 1812.
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The Navy Yard Shootings And The Debate Over Gun Control

Monday's shooting in D.C.'s Navy Yard was followed by shock, horror, and, for many, a new call for tougher gun control.

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This Week On Metro Connection: The Navy Yard And Beyond

This week we reflect on Monday's shooting at D.C.'s Navy Yard, explore an interactive video aimed at helping veterans get jobs, and continue our series on the future of Smith Island.

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Your Turn: Aftermath Of The Navy Yard Shootings

It's your turn to weigh in with questions, comments and thoughts on the week's headlines.

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Collective Indifference? How Society Responds To Tragedy

Kojo explores our collective response to the Navy Yard shootings and how we process grief amid repeated mass tragedies.