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This Week On Metro Connection: Shutdown City

As the partial government shutdown slogs through its second week, we'll look at the ripple effects on our region's residents and businesses.

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Virginia Officers To Receive Mental Health Training

Through a Medicaid fraud settlement, Virginia law enforcement now have new funds for training officers to work with those who have mental health issues.

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Getting Treatment For Mental Illness

The modern history of treating mental illness in America: Why the U.S. fails to meet the needs of so many people suffering from mental illness and what can be done about it.

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Maryland And Facebook Launch Program Against Cyberbullying

Maryland becomes the first state in the country to team up with Facebook in the fight against cyberbullying.

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Maryland Gun Dealer Believes Assault Ban Has Plenty Of Holes

Some Maryland gun dealers say the state's new gun ban will not be effective in preventing mass shootings.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Ups And Downs

From the roller coaster ride of the government shutdown to a woman who teaches aerobatics in the sky, we take a look at "ups and downs."

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Gun Sales in Maryland Rise Before New Law Takes Effect

A group has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court to block Maryland's new gun legislation from taking effect Oct. 1. But gun collectors and enthusiasts are still rushing to their local gun store before the law kicks in.

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Hearing On Maryland Gun Law Set For Tuesday

A hearing will be held Tuesday to determine whether a portion of Maryland's extensive new gun law will go into effect.

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Entering Adulthood When You're Locked Up

What does it mean to come of age when you've spent most of your childhood in foster care or the juvenile justice system?

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This Week On Metro Connection: Coming Of Age

This week we'll bring you stories of how we grow up, grow wise, and come into our own.