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Transforming Baltimore: A Long-Awaited Zoning Makeover

The first zoning re-write in 40 years could alter Baltimore's skyline, kick liquor stores out of neighborhoods and encourage a livelier downtown scene. Planning Director Tom Stosur joins us to explain.

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Transforming Lorton Prison Into New Homes

The Lorton Correctional Complex once housed thousands of inmates. Soon, it will be revamped to include apartments, shopping, and even a yoga studio.

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Inside The Ultimate House-Sitting Gig

Want to live in a historic old house, rent-free? Industrious Marylanders have been doing it for decades through the state's Resident Curatorship Program.

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New York City Planning Commissioner, Amanda Burden

Diane talks with Amanda Burden about her work as the New York City Planning Commissioner and the challenges facing the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Central Union Mission Returns To Downtown D.C.

Central Union Mission has been sheltering the homeless in Washington since 1884 — and is about to move back downtown.

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Realtors Help Prep Coastal Home Owners For Hurricane Sandy

Ocean City beach house owners are receiving help from local realtors in preparing their coastal properties for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

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Alexandria City Council To Consider Public Art Policy


Do developers have an obligation to contribute art to the communities in which they build? That's the thrust of a new bill being considered by the Alexandria City Council.

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3-D Printing: Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Many technologists believe 3-D printing technology will revolutionize manufacturing. We explore the future of 3-D printing and possible intellectual property battles looming on Capitol Hill.

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Historic Virginia Home Sold For Millions

One of Virginia's historic homes has been sold at auction.

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Developers Gear Up For Big Deals In Tysons Corner

Prospective Tysons Corner real estate developers are salivating at the possibility of adding housing and office space for more than 100,000 people to the area.