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Maryland To Offer Preferential Funding For Smart Growth

urban sprawl

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley has issued an executive order which will rein in funding for projects in the state that the government believes contribute to the problem of urban sprawl.

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Arlandria Residents Concerned About Gentrification

A proposal for a hundreds of new apartments and retail space in Alexandria has some low-income residents wondering if they'll be priced out of the neighborhood.
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The Location: A 16th Street Mansion With A Tragic Tale

In this month's edition of our series The Location, blogger Kim Bender talks about the 16th Street mansion that was once home to a prominent society belle, and how her tragic end took place not far from the steps of her beloved home.
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"Unbuilt Washington": The City That Never Was (But Might Have Been)

A new exhibit displays early proposals for some of Washington's most famous monuments and memorials.
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Arlington Approaches Historic Property Owners

Eligible property owners will soon have to the option of applying to create new historic districts in Arlington.

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Virginia Candidates Debate Eminent Domain

Virginia candidates are divided over an amendment that would broaden the power of eminent domain.

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Costs Keep Bethesda Streetscaping On Hold


Bethesda has had plans to revamp their sidewalks in place for years, but despite a recent push, councilmembers are finding that the money still isn't there.

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Montgomery Council Awaits Wal-Mart Plan

Close-up of Wal-Mart cart

They won't receive the plan until next year, but council members in Montgomery County are already battling over an effort to build a second Wal-Mart in the county.

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Crystal City Gateway Breaks Ground

Leaders in Arlington County will be gathering today to break ground on a new southern gateway into Crystal City from Alexandria. The project is part of a larger effort to reimagine the city of the future.

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Free Foreclosure Counseling In MoCo

Free foreclosure counseling and legal advice for homeowners will be offered for Montgomery County residents Saturday.