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Abandoned D.C: Exploring Lost Spaces

For nearly two decades, Washington D.C. writer and photographer Pablo Maurer has been exploring the forgotten spaces and places society left behind.

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Shaping The City: Architecture And Empty Spaces

As parking lots, community gardens and abandoned buildings give way to development, we explore the city's disappearing empty spaces.

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If The Housing Crisis Is Over, Why Are Maryland Foreclosures Soaring?

In Maryland, the number of foreclosures over the last year shot up 258 percent, the biggest jump since the start of the housing crisis.

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Managing The Region's Deer Population

They may be pretty wildlife, but they can also be a Lyme disease-carrying nuisance and driving hazard. The region's deer population and how it's managed continues to be the subject of debate.

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This Week On Metro Connection: House And Home

We'll look at the places that shelter us and the symbolism behind our humble abodes as we bring you a show about "House and Home."

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The Location: Touring NE D.C.'s Little-Known Catacombs

We'll tour one of the lesser-known spots at the District's Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land: the catacombs in the Martyr's Crypt.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Haunted D.C.

We'll gear up for some ghost hunting as we bring you our annual celebration of the region's creepiest and spookiest.

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Alexandria Sets Hearing To Consider Eminent Domain For Boat Club Parking Lot

Lawmakers in Alexandria have set a date for a public hearing where they will consider the use of eminent domain to take a parking lot owned by the Old Dominion Boat Club.

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D.C. Debates Changes To Building-Height Limits

Local and federal officials are butting heads over the possibility of changing building-height limits in Washington, D.C.

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Buying A Home Cheaper Than Renting In D.C. Area, At Least For Now

Should you rent a home in the D.C. area or buy? A report says its significantly cheaper to buy, but that may be changing with mortgage rates on the rise.