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Living Small: Micro Housing Grows Up

Kojo explores the micro housing trend, and looks at the lifestyle and zoning considerations that come with living small.

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Conditions At Park Southern Apartments In Southeast D.C. Becoming Political Issue

D.C. Democratic mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser has described a troubled housing complex in Southeast D.C. as "disgusting," but is facing political flak for trying to protect political allies involved with the building.

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Alexandria, Old Dominion Boat Club Settle Land Swap Deal

Alexandria's waterfront plan will move forwad after the city and the Old Dominion Boat Club agreed to a land swap that benefits both.

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"The Stager" by Susan Coll

Local author Susan Coll talks with Kojo about her satirical take on relationships and real estate in her new novel 'The Stager.'

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Small Change To D.C. Height Act Signed Into Law

President Barack Obama signed a small change to the Height Act which won't much alter the shape of D.C.'s skyline.

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Rep. Elijah Cummings Calls For Hearings On Suspicious Foreclosures

The Maryland Democrat says some federal regulators charged with protecting homeowners engaged in abusive practices that disproportionately impacted low-income minorities.
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On Reston's 50th Birthday, Founder Recalls Inspiration For New Kind Of Suburb

Reston, Va. turns 50 years old this years year, and the town's 100-year-old founder Robert Simon explains how the community right near Dulles International Airport came to be.

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Shaping the City: Developing the Southwest Waterfront

Kojo sits down with architect Roger Lewis and Monty Hoffman, a lead developer of D.C's ambitious Southwest Waterfront redevelopment project, to talk about the future of the 27-acre site.

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Silver Line Delays Holding Up Tysons Corner Development

Few groups are awaiting the opening of the Silver Line as anxiously as developers in Tysons Corner, Va., where office and rental spaces await an influx of occupants. 

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Ward 8: Will Real Estate Heat Up On The East Side Of The River?

Some people are looking at the more than 1,000 vacant buildings in D.C., many in Ward 8, and how they can be utilized to address the city's growing problem in affordable housing.