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"The Victory Lab"

Both major political parties are running high tech, data-driven experiments -- and you're the guinea pig.

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After DNC, Virginia Delegates Will Bring Obama's Charge Home

Virginia delegates to the Democratic National Convention are leaving the gathering fired up and ready to criscross the state on behalf of President Obama for the next two months. 

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DNC 2012 Roundup: Obama: 'I'm Hopeful Because Of You'

President Obama provided a the grand finale for the Democratic National Convention Thursday, asking the delegates to help him win four more years in office. 

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View From The Convention Floor: Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly

Virginia's swing state status has made it a prime target at both political conventions. Virginia Democratic Congressman Gerry Connolly makes his pitch for why President Obama is the man to meet the needs of the commonwealth.

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DNC 2012 Roundup: Bill Clinton, Dems' Secret Weapon, Makes The Case For Obama

Former President Bill Clinton came to President Obama's defense at the Democratic National Convention last night, wowing the crowd despite a lengthy speech. 

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Focus On Gender Gap Misses Deeper Impacts Of Women's Issues

So-called "women's issues" are a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign season so far, but several prominent advocates for women say these issues actually affect most voters.

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Analysis: Michelle Obama Shines, O'Malley Makes Rounds At DNC

National Journal's Reid Wilson talks about winners and losers from the first night of the Democratic National Convention, and how a third-party candidate could affect the presidential race in Virginia.

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At DNC, Kaine Looks To Win Over South For Democrats

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine spoke at yesterday's Democratic National Convention, taking a break from campaigning in his tight Senate race against former Republican Sen. George Allen. 

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DNC 2012 Roundup: Michelle Obama Rallies Crowd

The first night of the Democratic National Convention starred first lady Michelle Obama, as well as lots of talk about abortion and a woman's right to choose, the role of immigration in the U.S. and Swiss bank accounts.

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Analysis: O'Malley's Prospects On The Rise, Despite Recent Misstep

The Democratic National Convention is underway in Charlotte, N.C., and Alex Bolton with The Hill newspaper was there to report on Maryland Gov. O'Malley's rising star in the party.