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U.K. Official Urges U.S. Government To Adopt A Digital Core

Does this sound familiar? A national IT project plagued with high-profile problems, integration breakdowns involving contractors, and taxpayers left footing a multimillion-dollar price tag: The scenario's playing out with HealthCare.gov, but a similar one in the U.K. led to major reforms.

Partisan Squabbles Raise Questions Over U.S. Global Influence

The government shutdown didn't help the U.S. on the world stage. But when it comes to political dysfunction, the U.S. is far from alone.

It's Easy To Blame The Canadians For HealthCare.gov Problems

The company has stumbled, but it's probably not fair to blame CGI for the debacle of the HealthCare.gov project. CGI may have received the biggest paycheck, but it's just one of 54 subcontractors. The real problem may be a lack of clear direction from its client, the Obama administration.

Obama Wants To Pivot To Immigration Reform, But Can It Work?

The ink wasn't dry on the deal to reopen the government when the President turned his attention back to immigration. But what are the politics and prospects for an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws?

HealthCare.gov Glitches Haven't Hurt Obamacare...Yet

The glitchy roll out of the Affordable Care Act federal health exchange website has had the Obama administration scrambling — for tech support, explanations, patience, and foot soldiers to help spread the word about the president's signature achievement.

White House Turns To 'Rock Star' Manager For Obamacare Fix

Jeffrey Zients, the 46-year-old tapped to help solve the Obamacare website problems, is known as a brainy problem-solver with a talent for cutting through bureaucratic knots.

'Insurgent' Wing Grapples For Control Of The GOP

New York Times national political correspondent Jonathan Martin explains the Republican rift that was widened by the recent budget battles. He talks about how the divisions may play out in upcoming elections and traces the history of the battle between establishment Republicans and the "insurgent" conservatives.

Anthony Weiner (The Myth, Not The Man) Takes The Stage

The former congressman's exploits have been turned into an off-off-Broadway play, The Weiner Monologues. The production uses only found text — articles, talk-show jokes, Weiner's own words, and so on — in its script.

GOP Pollster: What Went Wrong, And Why

In a report about the post-shutdown political environment, a prominent Republican pollster finds the GOP brand has taken a huge hit over the past month.
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Doris Kearns Goodwin: "The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, And The Golden Age Of Journalism"

The nation's 26th president was both a leader of the Republican Party and a Progressive. How Theodore Roosevelt used his "bully pulpit" -- a term he coined -- to push through laws to break up monopolies, protect consumers and create national parks.