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Stumping For GOP Governors, Chris Christie Gets His Own Boost

As the new chair of the Republican Governors Association, the New Jersey governor's duties will have him crisscrossing the country for photo ops, fundraisers and stump speeches — fueling speculation he's readying a White House run.

How The 'Nuclear Option' Might Change Washington

Senate Democrats eliminated the filibuster this week for all presidential appointments other than Supreme Court justices. The so-called nuclear option could prompt President Obama to make different picks for his top positions. NPR's senior Washington editor Ron Elving joins host Scott Simon to talk about the historic vote.

New York's Next Mayor Tries New Tactic To Get Feedback

For two weeks, a huge translucent tent has stood on Canal Street in New York City. The tent is a place for New Yorkers to go and talk about what they want the next mayor to do. They can make videos, post videos and enter their concerns on 48 iPad terminals. There are concerts, panels on everything from parks to education. And they can even buy coffee and beer.

White House Pushes Next Year's Health Plan Sign-Ups Later

The Obama administration is shifting the start date of next year's sign-ups for health insurance from October to November. That gives insurance companies more time to prepare. But it also conveniently moves potential bad news about premium increases until after the midterm elections.

Senate Rules Change Could Mean More Political Rancor

Democrats won Thursday when they rammed through a change in Senate rules to essentially kill the filibuster on most presidential nominations. At the time, Republicans said Democrats would be sorry, and soon.

Week In Politics: Post-'Nuclear Option' Politics And JFK's Legacy

Robert Siegel talks to regular political commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and the Brookings Institution and David Brooks with The New York Times to discuss the week in politics. They discuss the Senate's radical move to curb filibusters of presidential nominees and political legacy of JFK.

5 Ways JFK Still Influences Presidential Politics

John F. Kennedy redefined the art of campaigning. Thanks to him, televised debates took on greater prominence, and primaries grew in strategic importance.
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Anthony Brown Pledges To Refrain From Attack Ads In His Campaign

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's pledge to avoid using attack ads in his campaign is drawing criticism from opposing candidates.


Budget Cuts Leave Curiosity and Cassini in Limbo

Upcoming NASA budget cuts may force the agency to choose between two of its flagship planetary missions--the Mars Curiosity rover and the Cassini mission to Saturn. Wired reporter Adam Mann discuss how much it takes to run these missions and what discoveries we could miss out on.

Esperanza Spalding: Guantanamo Doesn't Represent 'Our America'

The Grammy-winning musician's new recording, "We Are America," protests the controversial detention center. But she tells NPR she doesn't like to call it a protest song. It's more of a "let's get together and do something pro-active, creative and productive" song.