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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney continue to battle after a contentious debate. A plot to bomb the New York Federal Reserve Bank is foiled. And U.S. home building surges.


How Conservatives Learned To Love Mitt Romney

His rise in the polls has been accompanied by a shift to the middle that conservatives had long feared. But because Romney triumphed in direct debate with President Obama, the right is embracing him like never before. Says one conservative leader: "They really get the feeling their guy can win."

For One Night, Obama And Romney Will Trade Jokes, Not Jabs

Just as Sen. John McCain and soon-to-be President Obama did in 2008 — and other presidential contenders did before them — the candidates will be at a New York charity dinner tonight. They're expected to have fun, not fight.
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Kaine, Allen At Odds On How To Avoid Fiscal Cliff

What to do about looming across-the-board budget cuts and a swath of tax cuts set to expire in January has been the main hot topic on the campaign trail for Senate candidates Tim Kaine and George Allen.


Republican Governors Gear Up For Election Gains

The GOP could pick up as many as five governorships in next month's election, bringing the party's total to 34, the most since 1922.

Romney Reviews Debate Issues During Virginia Stops

After Tuesday night's presidential debate in New York, GOP nominee Mitt Romney headed South for a pair of rallies in Virginia. The state is an important swing state in this year's election. Romney went question by question through some of his favorite moments in the town hall debate.

Negative Ads Reign In Maine Senate Race

The race for the state's open U.S. Senate seat has been dominated by three things: an independent former governor, third-party spending and a barrage of negative television ads. Among the casualties of the campaign have been the candidates' positions on the issues.

Rendell: Obama Needs To Be Specific About 2nd Term

Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep talks to former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell about tossup Senate races, and prospects for the Democrats in the presidential election. Rendell works with a group that advocates reducing the national debt once the economy fully recovers.

Obama Tries To Regain Female Voter Advantage

One day after the second presidential debate of 2012, President Obama campaigned in Iowa and Ohio. The campaign spent much of Wednesday taking Mitt Romney to task for what some regard as out-of-date comments about women in the workplace.