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FAA Pressured To Give E-Readers A Pass During Takeoff, Landing

Passengers can currently use devices such as Kindles, iPads and Nooks while in flight, but not during takeoffs and landings. The FAA says it is studying the matter, but the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and a U.S. senator say it's time to act.

With Nation's Eyes On Newtown, Washington Distracted By Fiscal Cliff

The horror of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school murders, still fresh in the minds of so many Americans, took a back seat to Washington's obsession with budget talks and the city's partisan divide.
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Maryland Lawmakers Unveil Proposed Gun Control Measures

In the wake of the devastating shooting in Newtown, Conn., Maryland lawmakers are taking a renewed look at gun control measures in the state, including a proposed ban on assault weapons.


Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall As Obama, Boehner Dig Heels In

President Obama tapped Vice President Biden to lead a new government effort against gun violence on Wednesday. It's the first step toward what Mr. Obama promised as "meaningful action" in the wake of deadly shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut.

Obama Moves Forward On New Gun Legislation

President Barack Obama said that gun control would be a "central issue" in his second term on Wednesday. He also announced that Vice President Joe Biden will head up a panel that will offer proposals by mid-January to curb gun violence. The announcement, however, turned to an impromptu press conference, in which the president pivoted to questions about the fiscal cliff. He said the events in Newtown, Conn., should "give us some perspective" on the debate and urged quick action in Congress.

Robert Bork's Supreme Court Nomination 'Changed Everything, Maybe Forever'

Known as a charming and witty man in private, Bork, who died Wednesday, was dour and humorless in his Senate confirmation hearings, and his answers seemed to play into the stereotype liberals painted of a man who cared little for the public. His Senate rejection changed the way future nominees have testified.

Boehner: House Will Pass 'Plan B' Fiscal Cliff Legislation

With days ticking down to the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts deadline, President Obama took his case to the American public again on Wednesday — and House Republicans were not happy about it. House Speaker John Boehner responded with a statement that barely lasted a minute as the House prepared to vote on competing plans to avert the tax hikes but which do not address the spending cuts.