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Week In Politics: Sanctions On Russia, And Invasion Of Gaza

Regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York Times, discuss potential U.S. actions against Russia and President Obama's reaction to Israel's ground invasion of Gaza.
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In Wake Of Malaysia Airlines Downing, Lawmakers Push Sanctions Against Russia

As President Obama awaits more evidence that Russia could have been involved in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 downing, D.C.-area lawmakers are throwing their weight behind sanctioning the country.
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The Future of Truth: Veteran Investigative Reporter Charles Lewis

Veteran investigative reporter Charles Lewis' new book explores the critical role of journalists in taking on the powerful.

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Back to Reality for Brazil

With the World Cup over, Brazil faces a stagnant economy, poor infrastructure, and wide dissatisfaction with government policies. Kojo explores what's next for the United States' biggest South American trade partner.


Drug Sentencing Guidelines Reduced For Current Prisoners

More than 46,000 inmates can petition for early release starting next year, unless Congress acts soon.
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Anthony Brown Says He Would Exempt Military Retirement Income From Maryland Tax

The Democratic candidate for Maryland governor made the announcement a day after a similar one from Republican candidate Larry Hogan.

Berlusconi Underage Sex Conviction Overturned By Italian Court

The former Italian prime minister, who was sentenced to seven years last year for sex with a minor and an attempted cover-up, has been acquitted by an appeals court.
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Policy Riders Undercut D.C. Residents, Say City Officials

Proposed D.C. policies on marijuana and gun laws are finding opponents in the Republican-controlled House, and D.C. officials are fed up.

Police Chief Lessons Gave Kerlikowske Insight Into Protesters

New commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Gil Kerlikowske talked to Steve Inskeep in his first extended interview on the use of force and controversial shootings by the Border Patrol.

While Campaigning For Other Democrats, Sen. Warren Gains Fans

Senator Elizabeth Warren has had a busy mid-term election season campaigning for Democratic Senate hopefuls — especially women — across the country. Warren has ruled out a presidential run in 2016.