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Obama, In Tonight's State Of The Union, Will Focus On Middle Class

Despite economic growth and the falling unemployment rate, challenges remain. The president will articulate his vision to a Republican-majority Congress.
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Despite Scandals, Virginia Lawmakers Struggle With Proposed Limits On Gifts

Members of Virginia's General Assembly are talking about creating new limitations on gifts to elected officials. But reforming the system might not be as easy as making a few simple changes.

Georgia Pushes For An SEC Presidential Primary

Taking inspiration from college football's Southeastern Conference, Georgia's secretary of state is asking other southeastern states to join in a southern primary on March 1.

Obama To Press For Higher Taxes On Wealthy Taxpayers

President Obama is preparing to deliver his sixth State of the Union address Tuesday night. He plans to focus on the middle class. Steve Inskeep talks to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

IRS Budget Cuts May Make For An Unpleasant Tax Filing Season

The IRS commissioner warns that congressionally mandated budget cuts are hurting the agency's ability to crack down on tax cheats, process timely refunds and even staff its help lines.

5 Years After Citizens United, Secret Money Floods Into U.S. Politics

When the Supreme Court issued its ruling in the Citizens United case, that opened the door for secret donors to make big-dollar contributions and up spending in elections.

Working 3 Jobs In A Time Of Recovery

If Elkhart County, Ind. was the symbol of the recession, then Ed Neufeldt was the face of the unemployed worker. Elkhart's economy has recovered but Neufeldt is still struggling to bounce back.

Should Judicial Candidates Be Allowed To Solicit Campaign Money?

Once, judicial elections were a pretty tame affair, with relatively little money spent. Not anymore. The Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday on how candidates should be allowed to gather funding.
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Remove Md. Governor From Process For Releasing Parole-Eligible Lifers, Groups Say

Maryland is one of the few states where the governor must sign off on the release of inmates serving parole-eligible life sentences. Activists want to change that.


Obama Can Expect An Unfriendly Audience — But There's A History Here

When President Obama delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday, he'll be speaking to a Congress dominated by Republicans. At least he can take comfort in the fact that the moment has precedent: Second-term presidents have often found themselves addressing a chamber stocked with the opposition.