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Candidates Go On Air, Raise Money In Response To Paris Attacks, Refugee Crisis

The issue of whether to allow Syrian refugees to relocate to the U.S. has become a top issue in this weekend's bitter Louisiana governor's race. Presidential hopefuls also have ads out on the debate.

LISTEN: 4 Speeches To Hear Before Bernie Sanders' Socialism Address

Sanders is set to give a speech Thursday explaining Democratic socialism to voters. There's a long history of big political speeches designed to take on and neutralize a lingering concern of voters.

Washington State Governor Says He Welcomes Syrian Refugees

Jay Inslee is declining to join the many governors who say they don't want Syrian refugees within their borders.

Texas Governor Joins Dozens Of Others Saying No To Syrian Refugees

Hundreds of people fleeing the war in Syria have already settled in Texas. The governor says he doesn't want any more. We found Texans who support the move against Syrians - and some who don't.

Paris Attacks Bring Domestic Surveillance Into Presidential Race

The candidates have mostly stayed away from discussing the National Security Agency's surveillance programs. That's quickly changing.
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Fairfax County Leaders Crack Down On Car-Title Lenders

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of a plan that would block car-title lenders from setting up in certain parts of the Virginia county. The new rules were effective at midnight — a rare move that shows the urgency the board felt.


Wash. Gov. Inslee Welcomes Syrian Refugees To Settle In His State

Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat, talks to Steve Inskeep about why he feels it's important to support refugees fleeing Syria's civil war. Inslee has received criticism from people in his state.

WBUR Poll: Trump Maintains Lead In New Hampshire

The billionaire's support remains essentially unchanged at 22 percent, far ahead of other Republican candidates in the state.

Obama Administration Briefs Governors On Refugee Screening

30 governors have expressed opposition to resettlement of Syrian refugees over security concerns in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Supreme Court Asked To Take Messy Interstate Case On Same-Sex Adoption

The woman adopted her longtime partner's kids while living in Georgia, but she moved to Alabama when they split. The top court in that state refused to recognize her parental rights.