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Gastrodiplomacy Gives Foreign Chefs A Fresh Take And Taste Of America

The State Department has a new exchange program for culinary professionals. A delegation from the Middle East and Africa recently discovered there's more to American cuisine than fast food.

Putin Says He'll Respect Ukraine Vote But U.S. Is Skeptical

The White House and State Department have called on the Russian leader to use his influence to stop separatists from disrupting Sunday's election.

Court Orders Conyers Back On Ballot

Rep. John Conyers got off to a good start on his holiday weekend with a federal court's decision preventing Michigan officials from throwing him off the primary ballot.

A Year On, What's Changed (And What Hasn't) On Drone Oversight

A year ago, President Obama defended using drones to target terrorism suspects overseas and offered a rationale for reining in the program. Where do things stand on efforts to impose constraints?

House-Approved USA Freedom Bill Disappoints Original Supporters

A year after President Obama urged for more safeguards for civil liberties in intelligence collection, the House passed new guidelines. But civil liberties watchdogs say they no longer support it.

Obama Taps San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro For HUD Secretary

Castro would take over the Department of Housing and Urban Development at a time when the nation's housing market has been treading water.

Week In Politics: Scandal At The VA, Primary Results

Robert Siegel speaks with E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution and Ramesh Ponnuru of The National Review about the ongoing controversy at the VA and Tuesday's primary winners.

Obama Taps San Antonio Mayor For Housing Post

The president nominates Julian Castro as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, replacing Shaun Donovan, who would become budget director.
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U.S. Assistance to Nigeria

Seven weeks after militants kidnapped almost 300 girls in northern Nigeria, the Nigerian military says where they are. The U.S. is one of four countries providing military assistance, raising questions about Nigeria's human rights record. We get an update.


Boehner Reaches Out To The Tea Party — Or Trolls Them

Some elements of the Tea Party would like to see John Boehner ousted from his position as House speaker. Even so, Boehner insists there isn't much difference between the Tea Party and Republicans.