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Analysis: Can Republicans Become As Tech-Savvy As Democrats?

It's well-accepted that Democrats are a more tech-savvy political party, but Republicans are now trying to close the gap. Hotline's Steven Shepard tells us how.

AFL-CIO's Trumka: Keep VW Union Vote In Perspective

The AFL-CIO is holding its winter meetings this week in Houston. The movement says its efforts to organize across the South continue despite the high profile defeat at the VW plant.

LA Mayor: 'The Basics Have Been Neglected For Too Long'

Eric Garcetti says he wants to reinvent Los Angeles and promote its diversity, food and innovators — but first, he says, he's going to focus on a less-glamorous agenda: infrastructure.

Elusive Goal: A Transparent Price List For Health Care

Price-shopping for coffee makers is easy. Finding the actual cost of a colonoscopy? Nearly impossible. But putting together a useful, comprehensive price-list for patients of the widely varying charges for various health procedures is difficult and expensive, states are learning.

Justice Dept. Asks For Help Finding Prisoners Who Deserve Clemency

Longtime followers of the pardon power have criticized President Obama's relatively stingy approach over five years in office. An advocate for ending mandatory minimum sentences says she's "really encouraged" by the new push for clemency.

Democrats Seek Cure For GOP Obamacare Attacks

Democrats are countering Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act by promising to fix the broken parts and embracing the most popular provisions in the law.

House Candidates Outpace Senate Contenders In Money Haul

House candidates typically raise more money overall than Senate hopefuls, but the gap this year is unusually wide. Why? There's no single answer, but there are lots of clues.

CBO Predicts Job Losses From Minimum Wage Hike

The Congressional Budget Office is projecting job losses as a result of a proposed federal minimum wage increase. The raise to the hourly wage has been a cornerstone of President Obama's recent policy speeches. According to predictions by the non-partisan CBO, approximately 500,000 jobs would be lost by late 2016 due to such a law's implementation.

Once Neglected, Secretaries Of State Step Into The Spotlight

There was a time when secretaries of state were seen as little more than functionaries. That view changed in 2000's Florida presidential election recount, which starred Katherine Harris. Now, secretaries of state are involved in implementing new state laws that have been making it either easier or harder for non-traditional voters to cast ballots — with decidedly partisan implications.

Debate: Was Edward Snowden Justified?

Some consider former NSA contractor Edward Snowden a hero for releasing classified material to the media; others argue that he has irreparably harmed national security. Famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and a former CIA director face off in the latest Intelligence Squared debate.