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Seeking Forgiveness And A House Seat, Sanford Again Faces GOP Voters

For Republicans along South Carolina's coastal low country, Tuesday is a chance to decide whether they want former governor and famously non-Appalachian Trail hiker Mark Sanford to represent them in Congress.
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States And The Debate Over Abortion Rights

A handful of states from North Dakota to Alabama recently passed laws limiting abortion rights. But Washington State is considering requiring health insurers to cover the procedure. A look at states and the debate over abortion rights.


President Koroma: Sierra Leone's Beaches Make It A Place To Visit

A little over a decade ago, Sierra Leone was in the grip of a brutal civil war that tore the country apart. Today, the economy is on the mend and it's moving forward with reconciliation and reconstruction. Host Michel Martin speaks to Sierra Leone's president Ernest Bai Koroma to find out more about his challenges and successes.

New York Politicians Accused In Plot To Sell GOP Spot In NYC Mayoral Race

Authorities allege that state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D) tried to bribe some GOP officials — and that they were willing to take his money. Smith has said he is innocent.

Obama Says $100 Million Will Be Invested In Brain-Mapping Initiative

Calling it "the next great American project," the president predicted that the initiative could "be transformative." The lives of "not just millions, but billions of people" will be improved if more can be learned about brain disorders, said Obama.

Fannie Mae Posts Record Profit; Paid Taxpayers $11.6 Billion In 2012

The mortgage giant needed a $116 billion bailout from the federal government after the housing bubble burst in 2007. As housing recovers, it's been able to put money back into Treasury's coffers.

Judicial Vacancies Languish On Key Federal Appeals Court

The federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., is sometimes called the second most important court in the country, regularly delivering the final word on major environmental, labor and national security cases. But four of its 11 judge's slots are vacant, the most in the nation.