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In Maryland, Political Money Flows Ahead Of Upcoming Elections

Washington, D.C., gets a close-up view of political money excesses next door in the Maryland elections, which include a millionaire self-financing his campaign and a candidate's spouse running a superPAC.

Connecticut Democrats Divided Over Gun Control Ahead Of Primary

Gun control has become a major subject of debate in the Connecticut Democratic presidential primary.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Connecticut Before Tough Slate Of Primaries

Bernie Sanders campaigns in Connecticut ahead of the next set of primaries. Sanders is facing an uphill battle in Tuesday's contests. He needs to win at least 59 percent of pledged delegates if he hopes to overtake his rival Hillary Clinton and win the Democratic nomination. But Sanders and his supporters are vowing to fight on.

Congress Considers Plan To Restructure Puerto Rico's $72 Billion Debt

Puerto Rico is short of cash and at risk of defaulting on a $400 million debt payment due May 1. House speaker Paul Ryan pledged to have a plan ready by then to help Puerto Rico find a way to repay its more than $70 billion debt.

Cruz, Kasich Join Forces In Last-Ditch Effort To Stop Trump

The campaigns of Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have coordinated their efforts in select upcoming primaries in a last-ditch effort to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination.

U.S. Spy Chief Considers Disclosing Number Of Americans Surveilled Online

National Intelligence Director James Clapper says there are multiple obstacles in calculating just how many U.S. citizens are ensnared in government data-collection programs targeting foreigners.

The Cruz-Kasich Deal: Will Their Alliance Against Trump Work?

John Kasich and Ted Cruz will stay out of each other's way in three upcoming primary states. The nonaggression pact is an attempt to block Donald Trump from clinching the GOP nomination.

'Alter Egos' Dissects Hillary Clinton's Tenure As Obama's Secretary Of State

Mark Landler of The New York Times discusses Clinton and Obama's contrasting views on America's role in the world. Clinton, Landler says, was often the hawk, more willing to intervene with force.
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D.C.'s Newest Statehood Supporter: Tony Hale Of 'Veep,' 'Arrested Development'

Tony Hale plays the character Gary Walsh on HBO's Veep. Mike Martinez, managing producer of The Kojo Nnamdi Show, talks to him about how realistic his show is and enlists him in a local D.C. cause.


Race, Gender Roil Maryland Senate Democratic Primary

Donna Edwards is vying to be just the second black woman ever elected to the Senate. But not all of the state's black female leaders or African-American members of Congress are lining up behind her.