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Fairfax County Takes New Steps Toward Combating Sexual Assault

Despite the retraction of the Rolling Stone article about a University of Virginia fraternity, elected officials across Virginia say they're becoming increasingly concerned about sexual assault on college campuses.

The Most Corrupt State In The Country Is ...

A new poll says Americans think New York is the most corrupt state in the country. But is it? There are lots of ways to calculate it.

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Marijuana Law In Maryland Gets Fleshed Out In General Assembly

During their session this year in Annapolis, lawmakers had to fill in several gaps in its marijuana decriminalization law.
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Virginia To Congress: Stop Approving New Flights Out Of Reagan National Airport

Dulles Airport is suffering as a result of Congressional favoritism for Reagan National Airport, Virginia officials say. Is it time to cut back on the number of flights out of the Arlington hub?

Congress Repeals Medicare 'Doc Fix' Law, Ending Annual Scramble

The "doc fix", which postpones cuts in Medicare payments to doctors, has been an annual ritual in Congress for years. Now a permanent repeal of the doc fix takes care of the problem for good.

In Or Out In Congress? Gyrocopters, Tweets To Iran, Downton Abbey

In Congress, just like at any storied American institution — McDonald's, New York Fashion Week, the Bush and Clinton families — trends come and go.

Throwback Thursday: Reagan Announces Run For President

Imagine a time when presidential candidates declared just two months before Iowa. Flash back to 1979 when Ronald Reagan announced. It's not just timing that's shifted; so has the culture.
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Cardin's 'Interesting Week' Crests With Success On Iran Bill

The Maryland senator found himself in the position of bringing the president, Senate Republicans and his Democratic colleagues to the table.


Vulnerable Voting Machine Raises Questions About Election Security

Virginia found 1-in-5 of its touchscreen machines vulnerable to attack with passwords as easy as "abcde." As voting equipment ages, new concerns are being raised.

A North Dakota Family Breaks The Silence On Gay Marriage

Author Melanie Hoffert grew up gay in rural America, where coming out was difficult. But that hasn't stopped her family from having a frank and challenging conversation about same-sex marriage.