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Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard Eligible For Parole In November

Obama administration sources tell NPR they won't try to stop the release of Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted of spying for Israel and is eligible for parole in the fall.

Theater Shooting Highlights High Rate Of Gun Deaths In Louisiana

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, about the high level of gun deaths in the state of Louisiana.

N.C. Governor Approves Ban On Removing Statues From Public Property

North Carolina's governor signed a bill banning the removal of monuments on public property. The bill took on new life after the Charleston, S.C., shootings sparked debate about the Confederate flag.

FBI Asked To Investigate Possible Classified Information In Clinton Emails

NPR has the latest on the referral to the FBI to probe whether classified information was mishandled in relation to the use of a private email server by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Obama Embarks On First Trip To Kenya As President

President Obama arrives in Kenya on Friday for his first visit to his father's homeland since becoming president. He will address an African entrepreneur conference.

Dealing With The Donald: GOP Considers How To Handle The Trump Effect

Donald Trump's rise in the polls is not exactly how the Republican Party establishment hoped the 2016 presidential race would play out. The question is whether they can do anything to contain it.

Week In Politics: Hillary Clinton Emails, Donald Trump

NPR's Melissa Block speaks with regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss the latest with Hillary Clinton's emails, the Donald Trump phenomenon, economic issues and minimum wage increases.

Vietnam War Study Raises Concerns About Veterans' Mental Health

A federally mandated study shows that almost 300,000 Vietnam veterans still struggle with daily health problems linked to the traumas they experienced more than 40 years ago during the war.

Obama Greeted Warmly On First Presidential Trip To Kenya

The visit has a personal resonance for the president, whose father was born there. He is expected to discuss trade and security issues.
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The Politics Hour - July 24, 2015

D.C. Council Member Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5) and Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett join Kojo and Tom Sherwood in the studio.