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Beau Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's Son, Hospitalized

The former Delaware attorney general is being treated at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. In 2013, he underwent surgery after being diagnosed with a brain lesion.

Foundations To SEC: Force Corporations To Disclose Political Giving

Secret money in politics has been controversial since the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling. Some 70 charitable foundations are asking the Securities and Exchange Commission to end that secrecy.

After A Month, The 7 Questions Hillary Clinton Answered From The Media

Clinton ended a nearly monthlong avoidance of press questions, addressing the release of her emails, foreign donations to the Clinton foundation, the state of Iraq and more.

As States Ready Disaster Plans, Feds Urge Them To Consider Climate Change

Several U.S. senators are accusing the Federal Emergency Management Agency of injecting "unnecessary, ideological-based red tape" into the disaster-preparedness process.

State Department To Release Hillary Clinton Emails By January 2016

Campaigning in Iowa Tuesday, former Secretary of State Clinton said the timing of the release is beyond her control. It was the first time she answered questions from the press in several weeks.

Fall Of Ramadi Sparks New Criticism Over U.S. Strategy In Iraq

The fall of Ramadi, Iraq, to self-declared Islamic State militants has highlighted possible shortcomings in the U.S. strategy to fight the Islamic State.

60 Percent: Record Number Of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage In Poll

It's a far cry from 1996, the first year in which Gallup posed the question to Americans. Back then, 68 percent of respondents said same-sex marriages should not be valid.

Lawmakers Divided Over McConnell's Desire To Extend Surveillance Plan

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to extend the provision of the Patriot Act that authorizes the NSA's bulk collection of phone records before it expires. Others want the program reined in.

Nevada GOP Aggressively Tries To Break Democrats' Lock On Latino Voters

Latino voters in swing states like Nevada could decide the outcome of the 2016 race for president. Democrats have historically had a lock on their vote. But Republicans think they can change that.

Highway Trust Fund Is 'Broke,' Ex-Transportation Secretary LaHood Says

Lawmakers face a deadline to fund federal highway and mass transit repair. One option is to increase a gas tax. Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talks to Steve Inskeep about his ideas.